Our Family

~The Warrior King~

Riley is my knight in dirty, greasy, bloody, sweaty, tear-stained armor! He can do ANYTHING. Especially if someone tells him he can't. He's really good at fixing cars and computers and even crocheted Julia a necklace one time. He's the champion of my heart, and is the best husband and baby's daddy I could ever hope for! Oh and he loves sailing!

~The Nurturer Queen~

Ha! That's my goal anyway. To be a gentle mother and loving wife who precisely engineers every aspect of domestic bliss and harmony. In the meantime I'm just a perfectionist who needs to quit procrastinating so something will get done. I always use my turn signal and can't stand it when others don't. I google everything, love good quotes and hate pantyhose. I am a recovering sugar addict, a great speller, and enjoy cooking without distractions. I love to travel, crochet, sing and dance.

~The Pretty Princess~
Loves to cook and color; creative, curious and carefree! Julia is our firstborn who graced us with her presence in June 2007, just 3 weeks after our wedding. She is extremely intelligent, loves to dress up and run wild, and is the most beautiful, funny little girl in the whole world!

~The Precious Prince~
Sweet and cuddly, our precious Josiah came into the world in July 2009 and is the spitting image of his daddy. He's beginning to take after Julia in the climbing department, but remains the more mellow child. His favorite food is grapes and loves to play with and chase after his big sister! I wouldn't trade him for the world.

That's all of us (so far)!