Monday, September 14, 2009

My knight in shining armor!

Can I just say that I have THE most WONDERFUL husband in the WORLD?!

Thursday night was rough. Like, I don't think I really slept at all. I'm sure I laid my head back on the pillow as I nursed Josiah, but seriously... every time I put him down, he started crying again. He wanted to eat. all. night.

This was after having a headache all day Thursday so I really needed the sleep. But, no.

So of course Friday morning I was a zombie and absolutely nothing got done around the house, besides trying to keep Julia from cracking eggs on the floor, opening 10 cups of yogurt, pouring salt all over the stove, dropping Josiah on the floor, you know, everyday stuff.

Well after lunch we ventured out to Wal-Mart (which I rarely go to anymore) because Julia needed more diapers. I swear, every time I buy a box, I think, hopefully this will be the last box. Guess the potty training has taken a little detour lately.

Anyway, it was horrible as I expected, but necessary. We got home and as I was pulling Josiah out of the car, I noticed a white Malibu in the parking lot. Well, that's what Riley drives. I checked the license plate, and it was his. Did he not take his car to work today? Duh, of course he did. I checked my phone because I figured he would've called if he was coming home early. Sure enough, he had and I just didn't hear it.

YAY! I was so excited that he was home early. Especially because I'd had such a rotten night and morning.

When I came inside he was washing the dishes that had stacked up the day before and I just didn't feel like doing, and lo and behold was a wonderful surprise!

Beautiful sunflowers and a super sweet card. It was EXACTLY what I needed... he is always there to lift me up at just the right time! (I was reminded of the day I had a horrible wal-mart trip with a killer headache...hmmm, is there a theme here?... and when i got home, he was there! turned out i had meningitis!)

Anyway, I am so grateful and thank God for giving me such a loving, sweet, strong, gentle, smart, generous, fun, dorky, helpful hubby. I love you are AWESOME!

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