Monday, October 26, 2009

Three months!

Oh, my little hunka-hunka-burnin-allthingssweet... you're 3 months old today! Ok, so it was Saturday, I'm a little behind! No, I don't mean I'm a little bum-bum.

Well here's the skinny: Josiah is NOT skinny. Not that he's a butterball, he's just SOLID. His waist is so thick. It's insane. He's not incredibly long, so by the time I find a pair of pants that won't squeeze the life out of his massive midsection, they're way too long. It's the complete opposite problem that we have with his sister. Therefore, I have just this instant come up with a solution: I will take the length off of his pants and add them to hers. As soon as I learn to sew, or he starts wearing pink and purple, whichever comes first (i.e, not anytime soon!)

~He almost rolled over the other day! Actually, it just looked like he was going to, because his chest was propped up on a little tummy-time-mat pillow and he was pushing way up just on one side. My jaw dropped and I went for the camera and by that time he was too worn out to go that high again. Oh well, no rush! He is doing really well in that department though. Have you seen him with his shirt off? Man alive, that boy has some muscles!

~The ever-wet-shoulder syndrome has returned to me since its departure sometime during Julia's second six months. Yes, he's a happy spitter. Which makes me continually thankful for the oh-so-cute burpies that Liz made me. w00t!

~I need to go get him weighed. He doesn't have a checkup between 2 and 4 months so I totally planned on heading up to the breastfeeding center down the street (ok, down 4 streets) Friday or Saturday to size him up. But, I forgot so maybe I'll do it today. When I weigh myself, then again holding him, it shows a difference of 16 lbs but our scale is kind of unreliable so I'm not sure that's accurate. If so, that's insane. Aren't most 3 month olds like 12-13 lbs?!
--UPDATE: went to get him weighed, and he's 14lbs11oz--

~If he is indeed 16 lbs, technically we need to figure out a new sleeping arrangement. See, he sleeps in the bassinet attachment to our pack-n-play, which states a 15 lb limit. I know it's probably not really dangerous for a few more pounds, because they want to err on the safe side, but still. We really need to figure out something soon. Riley doesn't want to bring the crib into our room, because of the message that would send to Julia, which I have to agree with. So, I've been trying to put him down for naps every once in a while in the crib (in her room) to kind of get used to it. We will eventually need to just step out on a limb and put him in there with her. I won't lie-- I'm afraid she'll climb up in there and hurt him. I'm also afraid they will wake each other up. But eventually it's gotta be done. Just like potty training. But that's another story.

~I'm trying really hard to settle the kids into some sort of a routine. Not a rigid schedule, but just some kind of structured day where they know what to expect and can be a little more at peace with life. As any mother (especially of more than one child) knows, THIS IS HARD. Somebody constantly needs something, and every once in a while, you need to visit the potty, take a shower, brush your teeth, eat. Don't even get me started about how long it takes just to get out the door and why.

~Where was I? Ah yes, updates on Josiah's 3-month-ness. Ok, so he laughed for the first time Saturday. Which officially makes him meet the milestones like clockwork. Smiled at 6 weeks, slept through the night at 2 months, laughed at 3. It was so cute. I had just taken off his clothes and just got this urge to give him some raspberries on his tummy and neck. Well, he liked it! Of course by the time daddycameraman came in the room, it was all over. He was not going to perform. But hey, this is only the beginning of my favorite sound in the world: baby giggles!

~Josiah likes, nay, loves and requires, being held. I'm trying to get him to fall asleep on his own, which he sometimes can, but, when his belly's full and he's tired, here's what does the trick: holding him chest to chest, bouncing him up and down while patting his back. The other night it took about 15 seconds. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes. I don't mind doing it, because at least I know what works besides the boob, but I don't want him to get so used to it that it HAS to be done that way every time.

~One month since starting cloth diapers and it's going great! He actually sleeps better when he's wearing cloth instead of Pampers. Tested and proved. I'm so glad I made the switch.

~He's so past the "i'll just sleep whenever and wherever i feel like it" stage. Which is why i'm trying to help him take regular naps. But anyway, yeah, he's alert a lot more during the day than even just a few weeks ago. Which means we get to talk and laugh and tickle and all that fun baby stuff. Julia likes to join in on the fun, which I love!

~We put him in the Bumbo for the first time on Saturday. It went well, but pretty unremarkable.

~I love his ears. I don't know what it is about them, I just want to nibble on them! mmm.

~I can't remember if this is news since the 2 month update, but he's officially a tummy sleeper. Yes, I know, now the drs say to put them on their backs to prevent sids, etc. but hey. This kid can turn his head around and push up a good distance from the bed so, it's safe. And a lot better than laying on his back uncomfortable. We of course started him out on his back but after a few times of discovering being on his tummy was the only way he'd sleep happy, we knew.

~We borrowed a swing from a friend of a friend and he really likes it! He just watches the lights & music mobile thingy above and sits there pretty content. Sometimes even falls asleep =)

~Yes, I realize that there are way too many hyphenated phrases throughout this entire post.

Ok I think munchkin #1 is awake so I better wrap this up. Here are the latest pics of my squeezy little chunky monkey:

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