Monday, November 23, 2009

4 months!

Can I just say that I was NOT ready for Josiah to be this old yet? I mean, I know he is still a wee babe, but still. He is growing way too fast for my liking. He'll be a grown man before I know it...GAH!

Here's how he sized up at his 4 month checkup last week:

15lbs 4oz, just above 50th %ile

27.75", off the charts! that's like how long the average 7-8 mo old baby is. His daddy is 6'4" so why I was shocked is beyond me.

I later realized when looking at the side of his carseat that another inch and a half (3 weeks at this pace!) and he'll be too big for it. Great. He can't even roll over or sit up yet and we're gonna have to move him to a toddler seat.

So, no rolling over yet but he's doing really well in the bumbo and can even turn around to the other side when sitting in the exersaucer. And we just started putting him in that a few days ago!

Anytime i put him in the swing or his carseat he leans forward. I guess he's tired of taking these kinds of things laying down.

He had his first (and hopefully last!) illness, the weekend before last. Fever, diarrhea, fussiness and antibiotics for a few days. All better now!

Everybody always says how he's such a good baby. Not that I've ever heard a baby be referred to as bad... he just has a really peaceful temperament, and I love that. He doesn't laugh as much as Julia did at this age, but when he does we really enjoy it. Sometimes he giggles out of nowhere, other times when we tickle his ribs or give him raspberries ("boops" according to Julia because, well, that's what they sound like).

I love his smile. It's almost always completely wide-mouthed and kind of uneven. So cute!

He's still, yes still, in our room. I've been putting him down in the crib for morning naps. Eventually we'll get around to putting the monitor up in Julia's room and then we'll probably move him to the crib for beditme as well. He almost always sleeps through the night, so that's WAY awesome!

I never thought he'd go this long without a bottle. Seriously, he has yet to drink from anything other than my boobs. Not that he won't, we just haven't tried yet. The whopping 5 ounces of milk I pumped back in September are about to expire, so I guess we'll be giving it a whirl pretty soon. Hopefully he'll take the bottle well. We want to be able to leave him for more than 2 hours before he's weaned! I do get breaks from him to go run errands and such, and he usually takes a long nap in the afternoon along with his big sister, so i'm no longer the 24/7 snack bar i once was.

I really can't think of what to get him for Christmas, since we already have plenty of toys. But, the good thing is, the kids probably won't remember this Christmas as being the one where Julia totally got way more than Josiah. She's so easy to buy for. I'll probably just get Josiah a cute new fleece outfit or something, unless I think of something else too.

Ok, I need a nap. 3 hours last night just isn't cutting it.

Still trying to recover the photos that were on my camera so here's the most recent one that's made it safely to my computer: (8 days shy of 4 mos)

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