Monday, January 25, 2010

Six months!

There's no way my baby boy is halfway through infancy. I just don't believe it!

So yesterday Josiah turned 6 months! At his checkup today he measured:

16lbs 13 oz -- just under 50th %ile
28 in long -- 90-95th %ile
42.5 cm head circumference -- normal i guess because they didn't say anything else about it

so on the length, it's safe to assume that he was NOT actually 27.75" at his 4 month checkup (and therefore off the charts) because i just don't see how he could grow 4 inches in two months and then only 1/4 inch in the next 2 months. anyway, so my little prince is definitely tall. his weight has leveled out though!

what's he doing now?

rollin', rollin', rollin'!

like, i put him on this huge blanket on the living room floor and before i know it he's way on the other side. i know he can roll but i have yet to see him actually travel in the manner that he obviously does. of course, he's been known to be facing the other way in his crib when he wakes up, so i guess he's got some scooting power going on!

he babbles, laughs, growls, and wiggles like crazy. his socks don't stay on his feet very long, so i don't bother unless we're going outside. his hair is so fuzzy, i just can't resist petting it constantly.

he's wearing mostly 9 month clothes, some 12, and a few unusually large 6 month ones.

he usually has a thumb or fist or toy or burpie or something else in his mouth! the dr told me today that he is definitely teething! i don't feel anything sharp but he stopped sleeping through the night a couple months ago so maybe that's why. hopefully they'll poke through soon and i'll start getting full nights of sleep again!

we'll be starting cereal this week, then moving on in a few weeks to veggies and fruits. fun! i guess that means julia will be moving up to a big chair so josiah can have the highchair, although i don't foresee any complaints =)

everybody always says how good and happy and calm josiah is. and they're right! people are also starting to say that he and julia look a lot alike. which i think is funny because julia looks like me and josiah looks like riley. i guess they have a little bit of us both though!

he still won't take a bottle. i've tried a few different kinds, breastmilk and formula. guess i just need to keep at it. it'd be nice to be able to leave him for more than 2 hours at a time!

most of his waking hours are spent playing on the floor or in the exersaucer. well, except when i'm carrying him around or nursing or helping him sit up (almost there!) or taking him with me on errands!

i just love to give him hugs and kisses! who wouldn't?! he's so cuddly and lovable. he and his sister get along great too. i look forward to them being good friends and actually playing together!

Well he's napping right now so I can't take a picture, but here's the most recent one! (thanks mom for the cute onesie, i love it!)


  1. I love the little guy t-shirt. Very cute!


    These are basically the bottles I used with Anna when breastfeeding. She took them well, the didn't leak, the lids have a nice air vent so she never got gas or bubbles... and the shape of the nipples are nice and fat so more "mommy"-like than most other bottles that claim to be for switching between the two.