Monday, May 9, 2011

It's fun to stay at the...


Sorry, I just had to.

For the record, I don't know any other Village People songs. At least, I don't know any that I know are theirs. I'm really bad at knowing who sings what.


So, I have a gym membership at the YMCA just outside our neighborhood.

Let me back up a bit... when we lived at our last apartment in Bedford, I went to the 24 hour fitness a few minutes down the road. It was alright. I did the machines some, but mostly walked the treadmill to train for a 5k that I never actually went through with. The childcare was free but I never knew if they were going to be full and therefore have to go back home, which was a pain in the rump.

Then when we were about to move we tried to figure out where we wanted to work out. There was a 24hr 10 minutes from our new house, the Y we go to now, and some other one that was quickly eliminated from the running. We decided to go with 24hr. It was the really nice kind that they don't have very many of. Like, they really are open 24/7, have tons of classes, indoor pool, outdoor family pool and lap pool, sauna, childcare that always has room for your kids, a zillion machines, you get the picture.

But it was a drive especially during rush hour, and I just got into a phase where I plain ol' didn't want to go workout. Riley wasn't going either. So long story short, we decided to switch to the Y when they had an $11 enrollment fee special going on at the end of January. It's cheaper than 24hr, takes 2 minutes to get to, and the kids really enjoy playing there.

So why am I so excited about a gym? Don't I hate to exercise?

Well, the thing is, I finally found what works for me. I go twice a week, either before lunch or after 4 (the kids area closes from 1-4, which is fine because Josiah naps after lunch). It's not as big and fancy as 24hr but it's got exactly what I need, which isn't overwhelming like the other place was.

Here's what I do: 40 min cardio (mostly treadmill, sometimes I bike 1-2 miles for the first 10 min), then they have these 2 rows of machines that I go through in about 25 min. I skip a few that annoy me (guess I can't figure out how to adjust them properly, oh well). All the major muscle groups, bam bam bam DONE. Love the machines, they're so easy, and I know they are working because I've been able to increase the weight on a lot of them so I must be getting stronger! I've gained 5-10 pounds in the last few months so maybe it's muscle? I hope so.

Anyway, so simple, and I'm really glad that I've finally found a workout program that fits me. And fun, now that I finally put some songs on my phone! Listening to music really makes everything go by super fast.

OH and another good thing is that they have a break area with couches, tables, chairs, coffee and vending machines. Not that I care about the vending machines, actually it's ridiculous for a health-oriented facility to sell sodas, but I digress. There has been at least one or two occasions where I've just dropped the kids off, walked over and sat down to read a book or magazine, crochet, whatever. It's grand! And I refuse to feel guilty about it =)

They have classes that I haven't tried, but if I get bored with my current routine I'll probably try them out. Oh, and when the pool opens at the end of this month, you better believe I'll be spending a lot of time (alone and with the kids) there!

We just added the downtown Y to our membership for $9/mo which will allow Riley to do indoor lap swim before or after work or on lunch. That's his cup of tea!

And now, we're signed up for a 5k on May 28. Super excited! Who knows, maybe we'll even do a 10k later this year! Walking though, of course. Running's just not my thing, at least right now.

Ok, so for those of you who hate the gym or can't leave your kids with strangers, I have a recommendation! My friend Dr. Cindy is the new owner of Stroller Strides Arlington/Mansfield/Hurst! I haven't tried it out but many of my friends have and say that it is awesome! A great workout that you can do with your kids in tow, and have fun with friends at the same time. So you should definitely check it out =)

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