Saturday, January 31, 2009

Because it's been a while

It's not really a lack of happenings that has kept me from blogging for so long, it's the past two months of nausea and fatigue from developing a tiny new person inside me. But the worst is almost over.

So, without trying to catch up on the last several months, here's what's going on NOW:

Julia has turned into quite the chatterbox. The last two months have really brought a big jump in her vocabulary. Which means we really need to start watching what we say!

I'm getting thicker. No, you can't really tell I'm pregnant, but I should be sporting a little bump in a few short weeks.

Riley's ENT Dr. gave him a clean bill of health on his nose, which he had surgery for a month ago.

My older sister is due the SAME EXACT DAY as we are! I can't tell you how exciting this is for me. I've always wanted us to be pregnant together but I never imagined it would be this close. I wonder who'll deliver first... 8/10 is supposed to be the big day.

I think it's a boy. At first I was just hoping, but now I really think it is. Yes, I've already picked out the nursery theme, and yes I've already made a baby registry. With lots of boy things. Call me crazy.

Riley has been very helpful and extremely patient with me as far as housework goes. Being tired all the time means it's been more than enough just to try and keep up with the dishes and laundry, let alone the floors, bathrooms, etc... I should have a lot more energy in a couple weeks. Maybe then we can actually have people over again without apologizing for the mess!

I got to see my baby brother John (ok, he's 20) twice in the last week. What fun! We took him to Guitar Center because he'd never been there (even though he's been playing for like 11 years!) and of course he played some guitars and fell in love with one. Hence the second trip out here to buy it! Hopefully the rest of the fam can come out again soon.

I forgot how crazy your dreams get when you're pregnant. I can't always remember what they were about, but I swear I dream like 50 different things every night, all night. It's insane! Riley keeps telling me to write them down and I keep forgetting.

The baby blanket is coming along, although I haven't been crocheting a row every night like I need to if I'm gonna finish it before he's born. So, I need to crank that up a notch. I love the colors I picked out for it and can't wait till we find out it's a boy so I can add the blue! Of course I haven't finished the green or even started on the cream.

Ok, I promised Riley I would clean while he was gone, so I better hop to it before I come up with an excuse not to.


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