Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My poor baby girl has been coughing since last Thursday. I was just giving her some leftover medicine that her Dr. prescribed for another cold a while back, but it didn't really help and then Sunday night it got so bad that Julia threw up! She also has had a fever off and on.

So we decided to take her in. Her Dr. wasn't available so we saw another guy, who said that she was in fact wheezing (When I told the nurse that over the phone she thought that was a medical emergency and convinced me that Julia was not wheezing because that would include not being able to breathe, holding her stomach and pulling at her shirt). Anyway, so then he said she would need to do breathing treatments with a nebulizer. They showed us how to do it and then gave us a machine to take home. The prescriptions for it were pretty expensive (but thankfully much less with insurance!) but really I just want my little sweetie to feel better! She's still coughing and threw up again yesterday, but no fever and has stayed in a pretty good mood all this time.

A friend of mine's baby had this same thing last year and it was horrible! So at least I know someone who's been through it (not that I'm glad anybody else had to suffer through this). I don't know a whole lot about it but basically she needs to get out of her lungs/stomach all the mucus (hence the throwing up since she doesn't know how to hock a loogie yet!) and she has to be on antibiotics, mucinex and 2 prescriptions mixed into the thingy that turns them into mist for her to breathe, twice a day for 15 minutes. All that for 10-14 days.

Yuck. On top of that, I've been feeling not so great too (but at least I was spared until my nausea faded) but I'm getting better and only one week left in the first trimester WOOHOO! I'm so looking forward to having energy again. And so is Riley! ;)

Alright I better stop now and get Julia down from the stack of boxes she's climbed up. ;)

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  1. Get well soon!!! Poor Julia. She been through a lot. I hope she get better soon also. I have been dealing with the same things as adult but I could not imagine little Julia dealing with this cold. Be Blessed. :)