Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

we are so excited!

and BOY, our little man is VERY well endowed. riley is so proud!

it didn't take long at all to tell. of course we were pretty sure it was gonna be a boy anyway. but it was cool to actually see some real proof!

he didn't want to roll over though so we get another sonogram next month to look at his spine and stuff. that'll continue my sono-every-visit trend. i really thought that i wouldn't have that many this time around because i no longer work with a tech who does them all the time for me free. but for one reason or another, i always end up getting one. no complaints though! i love seeing my little baby BOY!!!

so last visit she did a sono and thought it was a boy but said "don't paint the room blue yet, we'll see for sure next month when you get your full sonogram". what's funny is, the room that would be the baby's in the house we've made an offer on, is ALREADY painted blue! hilarious. is that a sign? or perhaps the SEVEN cents i found while looking through the house.

we're really eager to hear back from the bank to see if they accepted our offer. if they do, we'll be closing in about a month. w00t!

it's in ftw off of cooks and john t white in a fairly new addition, about 5 years old. it's 1430 sq ft, which is kinda small, but laid out well so we think everything will fit and less square footage means a lower electric bill. yay! it's got a really big a/c and water heater so that will help too. there's TONS of kitchen counter/cabinet space so that makes me super happy.

the back yard isn't huge, but wide enough for the kids/future dog to run back and forth in. plus it won't be a burden to mow/water.

it's got 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and the closets are really big! another plus in my book. the garage has plenty of room for both our cars and probably riley's motorcycle.

another great thing about it is that it's a foreclosure so the list price is almost 30k below appraised value! we're offering a little less than their asking price, so we'll see what they say. AHHHH i can't wait to find out! we REALLY like this house. we looked at so many on saturday, this was the last one we looked at, and almost didn't even get to. the selling agent was on vacation so it took a while to get a hold of her to get the combination. maybe other buyers will have as much trouble and not even look. we prayed that God would keep it hidden from others if it was to be ours, and to set our pace. then we remembered that "hidden" is part of the street name. isn't that funny?

ok well i better get dressed to go run errands, usually i do that BEFORE lunch!


  1. Awesome!!!! A baby boy to be and a house to be! I can't wait for all new things to come to pass in both of your lives. Blue is the color for the little guy. How about green? Green is awesome color for the future little guy. Clifford likes blue too much that I wish he liked another color than blue. Anyways. We need to catch up soon because a lot of things are happening with the both of us this new season. Be Blessed today!!

  2. CONGRATS on your baby boy! :0) I will pray for the house situation...really hope you get this one, sounds like a steal!