Friday, March 13, 2009


i know, i know, joanna the orthography gestapo completely butchered that title, and didn't bother to look up how it's spelled.

so sue me.

anyway, here's the latest... (has it been a month since i last blogged? ugh.)

julia still wants to take off her clothes and diaper and sit on the potty, but always ends up peeing on the floor. for example, this is what happened today, and it needs no explanation:

i'm getting a lot bigger, especially before bed. last night i got a little worried because i still have 5 months to go and just thought oh lordy i'm going to be HUGE by the time this kid finishes cookin'. i came into the living room, lifted up my shirt and asked riley, are you sure i'm not having twins? of course the picture below is more like what i look like most of the time.

ok i don't know what the heck is up with the image uploader today but it keeps putting my pix at the top of the blog even when i have the cursor where i want it to go. grrr.

moving on...

so, next tuesday (st patty's day!) i'm getting my full sonogram where they look at the measurements, amniotic fluid, heart and brain, and, dum-da-da-DUM.... we get to find out for sure what we're having! some of you already know what the dr thought it was from the last unplanned sono. anyway, i'm so excited! i gotta finish up the white section on the blanket i'm crocheting so i can move on to pink or blue!

well, we're still house hunting. technically we have plenty of time since most of the ones that fit our criteria are foreclosures, which tend to close fast and we still have to pay rent at our apartment through june. BUT, we don't want to dilly dally too much since we have a baby on the way! we're going to look at a bunch tomorrow morning with our agent so we'll see how that goes. we're looking mostly in the nrh area, watauga, hurst, bedford, select parts of ftw. it'll be so nice to be closer to family, church, and riley's work. not to mention having more room! (too bad you have to pay extra to heat and cool all that extra space!) maybe the gas savings will cover the higher electric bill. but enough about that.

if you happen to be selling a house or know of one, pass it on to us if it meets the following criteria:

areas i mentioned
1 story
no inground pool
1500+ sq ft
under 90k
preferably a 2nd living area or 4th bedroom to use as an ofc

they say the average home buyer looks at 15 homes before closing on one. well, we've looked at close to 20 already and haven't found the right one. but we're not giving up!

ooh, ooh! great news: one of my goals has been for julia to get good at taking naps (without having to fall asleep in the car) and i think she's done that like 3 times this week so yay! this is especially important to me before the baby comes. even more than potty training! although that would be nice too...

testimony: a couple weeks ago, riley was supposed to find out whether or not they'd be getting bonuses at work. we were expecting around 5% of his annual salary as a bonus to go towards getting a house. well, that morning, the unofficial word got out that they didn't make the numbers last year so no bonus. we were disappointed but trusted that God would provide some other way. it was especially helpful in encouraging us that we received a prophetic word the previous sunday that the Lord was going to increase us, especially in finances.

so then that afternoon, riley got a call from a woman i used to go to church with that has her own business. her computer had crashed and needed his help. well wouldn't you know, the second part of the prophetic word was that riley was going to have his own computer business! so we thought that was really cool and were so grateful that God was providing some extra money that night. he ended up working till 4 am that night to get her up and running so while he lost a lot of sleep, it paid off.

ok, best part of the story: before riley left work that day, his boss called him into his office and gave him his bonus statement! they got bonuses after all and it was more than twice what we were expecting!!! YAY GOD!!!

we are still waiting on the settlement payment from metlife for riley's accident last april. so that will be even more money to beef up our down payment/closing costs. not sure yet how much it's gonna be though. we'll see. but God is our provider and it's so exciting to watch him take care of his children!

my big brother is coming into town this weekend for a few weeks and i'm so excited! we haven't seen him in over a year so it'll be really great. i hope he moves down here for good!

my sister, whose due date is the same as mine (crazy!) found out she's having a BOY! how exciting. she has three kids, boy 12, girl 10, girl 6, so it's perfect! my sister in-law's sister-in-law (i know...) is due 4 days after us and is supposed to find out today what she's having. yay! it seems like every week i find out about another friend or relative that's pregnant. seriously, i think i've lost count. i need to start writing down all the due dates so i can keep up!

for those of you that watch tv, know that i share your love for the following shows:
24 (what more can i say?)
american idol (go danny and megan!)
america's next top model (can't decide yet who's my fave) -- i'm so bummed that my tummy will be too huge to try out for the next season, since they're making it for people 5'7" and under. ;)
the office (come back holly!)
privileged (whatever happened on the season finale? apparently my tivo didn't have room to record it)
ellen (even if i don't watch the whole show, her opening monologues are always hilarious!)

tonight we're going to mimi and pap's for dinner and scrabble! i'm so excited. maybe if we all team up against pap we can outsmart him. yeah right. then tomorrow morning i think we'll head to waffle house and get our 2 free waffles we got coupons for at the brahma's game. w00t!

alright well the last oreo's gone so i better chop chop and get to my daily ironing. i didn't do it for a couple months so i'm having to do a couple of riley's shirts every day just to get caught up!

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  1. I love getting to get caught up on all you do! And can't wait for the potty training fun and fiasco's that Anna will bring us!