Tuesday, May 19, 2009

we finally picked a name!

drumroll please...

Josiah Riley Moore!

i love it.

it means, "the Lord saves."

as you can read from the bible, josiah became king of judah at the age of 8. his father was evil, but he was very godly. to make a long story short, the chapters that talk about him (2 kings 22-23, 2 chronicles 34-35) mention that he got rid of idols and reestablished the passover, all at a very young age. he died in battle, and his son succeeded him as king.

i've liked the name since high school, although the way i liked it at the time was "tyler josiah" along with "joshua samuel" "julia miriam" and "kayli hannah". those were my imaginary kids' names. of course we named our daughter julia brynne and i still like the name hannah. anywho...

so it took 2 months after finding out it was a boy to decide for sure what we were gonna call this little guy! i'm so excited. i've really been wanting us to give him his name for a while now.

when we were in the final stage of making it official, we read the bible passages about josiah, then riley hugged my tummy, spoke a blessing over our little boy and gave him his name! it was so precious.

when we were thinking of names we liked, i kind of put his name on the backburner because i felt bad that riley would be the only one of us without a J name. but, he's okay with that, and besides, as he put it, we can be his "3 J's". plus, Josiah will have Riley for his middle name.

well, that's the story! we love you Josiah! only 12 more weeks till we meet face to face!


  1. So perfect! I love it!

  2. Congrads on picking the name. I love the name!!! I knew some how JR. would come to pass. Have a Blessed Day.