Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

So what if it's Tuesday?!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday . . . a time where we confess our faults by denying them outright. If you have no idea what I am talking about visit MckMama’s blog for a laugh!

I did NOT eat three popsicles, three chewy bars and a bowl of ice cream while surfing facebook yesterday during julia's nap. Nope! Not me!

I did NOT give in to julia's refusal to take a nap by going to the store and secretly hoping she would fall asleep on the way.

I did NOT drive around an extra 5 minutes after getting back home to make sure she was sound asleep.

I am NOT worried that the house will be an even crazier mess when I have this baby.

I am NOT lazy enough to pick things up off the floor only to put them somewhere else they do not belong.

I do NOT wish that my husband would give up his Camaro and motorcycle already, even though they're 20 years old.

I do NOT wish that Mary Poppins would come and perfectly pack everything up for us in a jiffy right before we move.

I have NEVER felt tired of being at home all day with my sweet daughter.

I have NEVER turned on another channel when Julia asks for Elmo, pretending that it's a cartoon, just so I can hear some adult voices.

I will NOT miss my dear sahm friend that lives down the street when we both move away!

I did NOT let my husband buy a brand new TV when we have one that works perfectly fine and are trying to save money, just because it was on sale and will go so very nicely above the fireplace in our new apartment.

I am NOT eagerly awaiting the moving of my father's old furniture into our new apartment!

I am NOT overly excited about our baby shower at the end of this month, to which we invited practically everyone we know.

I do NOT wish my mom lived closer than 3 hours away!

I did NOT buy 7 boxes of Rice Krispies, 3 boxes of Cheerios and 2 boxes of Raisin Bran, 2 weeks before moving, just because it was a crazy good deal.

I am NOT excited about Josiah having a boy cousin born the same week as him!

I did NOT lay in bed last night while my husband put our daughter to bed and washed the dishes I left in the sink all day.

I did NOT let Julia stay in our bed last night until she fell back asleep, after coming out of her room at 2:30 am.

I did NOT let Julia eat the leftover cupcake she grabbed out of the fridge the morning after her birthday party, without eating breakfast first.

I did NOT forget to put sunscreen on my 2 year old before taking her to the park under the blazing Texas sun.

I did NOT register for enough diapers to last Josiah till Julia's 3.

I did NOT eat practically the whole box of chocolate chip cookies at my sister's house last week, in one sitting.

I did NOT write out our last rent check the day it was due and then forget to take it to the office until the next night.

I am NOT hiding the tricycle Julia got for her birthday, in the box unassembled, until we move.

I did NOT take the serving tray that Julia peed on, wash it and put fruit on it for her birthday party.

I do NOT let my 2 year old eat whole hot dogs and cherries.

I do NOT let my 2 year old climb up the bar stools blocking the cabinets below the TV, to watch it from 9 inches away.

I do NOT still have the breast pump that my sister-in-law loaned me a year ago, that I only used that week.

I do NOT still have year-old emails in my inbox that I still haven't responded to.

I do NOT justify it by keeping my inbox down to one full page.

I do NOT wish I was still swing dancing on a regular basis.

I am NOT excited about going tonight, because my husband is so lovingly making me go.

I am NOT worried that, because of my huge belly, no one will ask me to dance, and if they do, I'm NOT afraid I'll be out of breath after 30 seconds.

I do NOT sing cartoon theme songs when they're not even on.

I am NEVER jealous of newlywed couples who don't have children yet.

I am NOT sitting here at the computer when I have a hundred other things I should be doing!

Nope! Not me!



  1. Ha!!! I love it!!! I have about a million I could post!

  2. I love these posting that you posted up. The wants, the if, I wish. Life is full excitement and surprises.

  3. I'm sure there are probably a bizillion things I could NOT do too, but I honestly don't think I could have sat here and typed out that many! You're amazing!