Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost there!

Riley and I have been wanting to get a DSLR for quite some time now. We both have somewhat of an eye for creative photography, and since our regular digital camera has been on the fritz lately, we've stepped it up a notch to save towards this bad boy:

This is the Nikon D5000. I don't know a whole lot about DSLRs but am aware of the competition between Canon and Nikon. Riley knew that he preferred Nikon but we still did a lot of research to make sure exactly what we thought would be best. It also helps that there is a discount program that we can buy from through his work. Woohoo! So we've been selling stuff and doing odd jobs to rack up enough cash to buy it and we are almost there! We're just waiting on a refund check for our old monitor that lost 1/3 of the screen and was still under warranty.

I'm so excited! Even though I've never even taken a picture with a DSLR (or an SLR for that matter!) and have so much to learn. Who knows, I may even get good enough at it to start a business! One can dream, right? It's no secret that I do love taking pictures of children... 

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