Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The best thing that ever happened to me

This here is the love of my life, the man of my dreams, my only mr. right, the perfect one for me!

My husband is what you might call "handy" with cars and computers or perhaps "friendly" but to me he's so much more than that. he's a genius, he's my snuggle-buddy, he's the one who encourages me when i'm down and motivates me when i'm tired, who teaches me when i'm clueless, who i know would do anything in the world for me. he's my superman, he can do anything. especially when someone thinks he can't.

He's also the father of my two precious babies. I don't know any other man who has done what he did before our daughter was born. He is the one who stood on the battlefield fighting for our family to be together, who never gave up, who always loved me unconditionally. He is one of the biggest examples of God's grace in my life.

For newlyweds, I think we've come pretty far! We've been through a lot together in such a short amount of time (i know every couple probably says that, but if you know our story you know it's true!) and the Lord has shown us his power and love time after time after time. We are so thankful for his mercy and grace and abundant blessings.

Today is this handsome guy's birthday. I don't think he'll mind me telling you he's turning 32. After all, he's accomplished quite a bit for his age. College degree, a great career, married, two kids, a new house. But all of that is just the surface. Inside you will find a man who will go to the greatest length just to help somebody out, no matter who it is or how big or small the need. You'll find the most tenderhearted guy you've ever met. You'll find a man who's not afraid to cry. You'll find someone who asks his wife to dance in the middle of Pottery Barn when "Better When We're Together" comes on, and makes that dance the best part of the whole day. You'll find a father who will drop everything else that's important to be there when one of his kids needs him, and who melts my heart when he loves on our children.

I have watched him grow so much in the last four years that we've known each other, and I am honored to be the wife that God chose for him. He is such a great provider and protector. The kids and I feel so safe and taken care of, and just incredibly blessed!

Like me, his birthday falls right next to a holiday so he doesn't always get the special attention he deserves. I just hope I can make up for that by letting him know how dear and special and wonderful he is to me and our family. You're the bestesetestest Riley Sloan Moore! MUAH! I love you! Happy Birthday! You'll always be the peanut butter in my triple decker PBJ sandwich!

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