Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So much to read, so little time!

We won't even talk about the fact that it's been i-don't-even-know-how-long since i've blogged. my apologies. as you know a lot has been going on the last couple months what with buying a house, celebrating a zillion birthdays, countless other parties and on and on!

But anyway, on to the main topic...

I have compiled quite the stack of reading material lately! i'm not a very avid reader, in fact i almost never read fiction. But i do enjoy learning, even though i'm too lazy to research a lot of important things i'm interested in. I leave that up to Mommypotamus and a few others.

Here's my problem-- every one of these books is about something that is up there on my priorities right now, and every time i sit down to read (which is a rare treat in and of itself) it's so hard to pick one. i want to read them all so bad! which of course means it will be a day short of forEver when i finally finish. some of these are brand new and some of these i've had for years and just haven't ever finished, either because i didn't have time, got another book that caught my eye and forgot about the other, etc. and of course by the time i do finish i will probably already have another dozen waiting for me to crack them open.

I have a lovely, comfortable sitting area in our master bedroom with this basket of my books (okay, some migrate to my nightstand/kitchen/car), and well, here they are in random alphabetical order:

Calm My Anxious Heart (previous book for bible study group), page 166 out of 198.
Crazy Love (current book for bible study group), page 87 out of 205, current with where we're reading.
The Home Experience and The Table Experience (given by the author, Devi Titus for our housewarming), page 52 out of 275 and 19 out of 190. 
In Defense of Food (recommended by my friend Heather), page 27 out of 205.
The Happy Intercessor (given by one of my pastors Kathy), page 52 out of 201.
The No-Cry Sleep Solution (the one for babies was really good so i got this one that's for toddlers and preschoolers), page 85 out of 387.
The Power of a Praying Parent (given by my friend Amanda when I was pregnant with Julia), and I'm on page 37 out of 223.
Secrets of the Secret Place (says 2004 in my writing on the inside, i think it was for a bible study), page 106 out of 217.
Shepherding a Child's Heart (given by my sister Laura), page 21 out of 237.

They're all so good (what i've read so far) and I just wish i could put them under my pillow and wake up knowing/practicing everything inside their pages! But alas, that probably won't happen. So what's a girl to do?!

Somebody please tell me i'm not alone. Or what to do about my issue. And if you like, tell me what's in your basket/stack! Do you have a bunch that you are reading all at the same time or do you finish one before starting the next? When do you find/make time to read?


  1. AUDIO BOOKS!!!!!!
    Seriously, I retain them so much easier and I can do it while playing with Lily, washing dishes, taking a bath, YOU NAME IT! And I go through my reading list SO much faster when I listen instead of read.

    Go ahead and add Nina Planck's books too ;]

  2. I have the same problem! I have books on my nightstand that are not textbook related. Culture of Honor by Danny Silk, Red Moon Rising, Laura Bush Spoken from the Heart, Crazy Love by Chan. I have more at work by my desk. I even have a cabinet in the kitchen that is suppose to be storage for my pots and pans but I have books. This semester, I have learned with a text book that a chapter a day goes faster to finished the book when there is quiet time. Quiet time for me is late night before I go to bed. During the day there is no time and too much to do even when I am single. I hope this will help you out. Be Blessed.

  3. haha! Joanna..I used to devour books before I had children. Now, I have to actually make time to read and even that it has to take a really good book to entice me. I've always had this rule: Never start another book until you've finished the one you have. Ryan totally does not live by that rule at all, but it certainly has helped me push myself to finish things before I move on. Unfortunately, I've been stuck reading some books that were painfully boring, BUT hey! I read them! lol