Thursday, September 16, 2010

It is not good for man to be alone

This post is not about sex.

We all know the verse that references what God says when he decides to create Eve for Adam. He knew that we needed relationships.

You know who else knows that? satan. So what does he try to do to take away one of the very first things God created to meet our needs? He makes us feel alone, even when we're surrounded by hundreds of friends and relatives.

Think about it. Technology has advanced so much in the last few years that we don't even really feel the need anymore for face-to-face contact. I mean, we have facebook, twitter, texting, skype... even talking on the phone is practically obsolete, even though it seems we can't go anywhere without it anymore.

The illusion of community is so prevalent. It takes a lot of work to really maintain true, deep friendships these days. I've found myself feeling a mile wide and an inch deep lately. Nothing wrong with making new friends, but even with 350 on my list, how often do I really connect with any of them on an intimate level? Not enough, that's for sure.

One thing I've been learning a lot recently is how deceived I've been. The enemy has kept me believing that I'm the only one with the feelings, problems, and struggles that I deal with. One good thing the internet's for is seeing how ALIKE everyone is. Yeah, there are differences out there because we're all unique (one thing we paradoxically have in common) but really... a lot of the things I've been reading recently have shown me that so much of what I've been going through lately is exactly what other people are going through. And realizing that they thought they were the only one too! So, hey, I'm not going to be afraid anymore to speak up about my issues, because chances are, there's a hundred of you out there that are dealing with the same exact thing. And we need each other to help us overcome! Jesus came so that we'd have abundant life-- He IS that life, and he has placed people around us to bless us, be blessed through us, and propel us to bless those outside our comfort zone.

This life is NOT going to be easy, and we're NOT meant to go through it all by ourselves. You're NOT alone-- I pray that God would show you the ones that share your worries, joys, and connect you in a real way so that you can experience the full life he has in store for you.


  1. A very good word!

    you are such a natural writer and storyteller!!!!

    Can't wait to read your book one day :)


  2. Good word! We are not alone in this world and technology sometimes cover our loneliness. Very true! I found myself alone with my 3 jobs & homework but covered me with his arms one night. This week, I found myself everyone calling me thinking of me including family is crazy busy talking to me for hour. G-d is amazing and he loves us even when we are alone.

  3. Thanks Emma!

    Isleen- that's awesome that you're able to find peace in His arms in the middle of such a hectic schedule!