Thursday, September 9, 2010

URGENT request for children in need!

Friends and Family,

I am writing this to present to you an opportunity to help a dear family in need.

I went to college with Lance and Meghan before they were married. They now have two young sons. The Brodskys have just this week become legal guardians to their 5 nieces and nephews, ranging from 2 to 14 years old.

These kids are amazing. They all lived in a single wide mobile home. The dad injured one of the children (who has special needs) and the mother was drunk so the state intervened and Lance and Meghan gained legal custody at that moment. They have them for what looks like a year. So right now there are 9 people total living in a 2 bedroom apartment. The state is offering practically zero assistance since they are kin and not foster parents. If they didn't take them they would've been split up into different homes, which just isn't acceptable. They are trying to raise sponsors or support to help them for the next year as they just can't afford it with what they're making now. Currently the biggest needs are a second vehicle and a bigger place to live, along with the extra expense to feed these children.

Please put yourself in their shoes and give something, no matter how great or small. Anything you can offer will be gratefully accepted. His phone number is 806-206-7975, or you can reach him through my friends list on Facebook. I can testify that Lance and Meghan are wonderful people and I so admire them for taking these kids in... let's help them be a blessing to these kids!

Thanks everybody!

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