Monday, December 27, 2010

Our post-Christmas family gift

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink...

You need to check out this series by my friend Heather, on all the icky stuff that's in our water and what to do about it!

We didn't win the giveaway, so we decided that come tax return time, we'd use some refund money to splurge on one of these! I really didn't want to wait 2 months to have good water, but since it wasn't a true emergency, taking money out of savings wasn't an option.

Little did we know, an unexpected check was headed our way! We received some Christmas money last week so we were able to buy the Big Berkey earlier than planned. YAY! I'm so excited, to say the least. No more driving to Bedford for RO water and lugging the jug around, no more hoping my fridge filter is better than tap, no more buying cases of plastic bottles that leech chemicals and take up room in my recycling bin.

So, in a few days it should be delivered to my front door! Can't wait =)

I talked to the Berkey guy (Jeff Gleason) on the phone a couple weeks ago during the 40 Days of Christmas (prizes for answering bible trivia on Riley's facebook page). He so generously donated a Sport Berkey Bottle for the giveaway, without having even purchased anything from him. How cool is that?! I'm so glad I get to support his business now, and get an amazing water filter system for our family! Plus it will match our other stainless appliances. OOOOHHHH...!

The Berkey system is the best choice for filtering your water! It's cheaper per gallon, more eco-friendly, and better at purifying than bottled purified water, brita pitchers and even reverse osmosis. So, definitely take a looksie at Mommypotamus' articles on water, and put the Berkey on your shopping list!

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