Friday, February 6, 2009

a burst of energy

so i've been pretty bummed lately. what with growing important body parts in my tummy and all, i haven't had much energy left for anything else. so if you looked around my apartment, you'd see toys, shoes, papers, food, etc. all over the living room floor; pans, food, toys, etc. all over the kitchen floor; clothes all over the bedroom floor, bed unmade; 3 hampers full of clothes; both sinks, dishwasher, stove and drying rack full of dishes; the carpet barely visible in julia's room; the bathrooms filthy; bottomless stacks of paper everywhere; trashcans overflowing; less than half of the dining table available for use... you get the picture.

all this has been making me feel really terrible. i mean, i already felt terrible enough, but it became this vicious cycle of feeling like crap --> not getting anything clean --> feeling like crap. i've just been waiting and hoping for it to end, to get the 2nd trimester feeling of well-being. i was actually starting to wonder if i would ever realize it had hit, or if i would be so stuck in my routine, or lack thereof, that i would never get my head above water again.

but alas, yesterday at 3:40 i got a burst of energy! i felt like not only could i get the dishes done, but the whole kitchen cleaned, laundry folded, declutter the whole house and oodles more. well i know myself well enough to know that when that happens i better get to it because the feeling is so often a fleeting one!

i worked for almost 3 hours straight, and then realized i needed to make some dinner for julia and myself. riley went to band practice after work so we had the whole evening to ourselves. anyway, dinner was a nice break. i was starting to feel tired and sick but i didn't want to stop because once i get going i can get a lot done!

so after julia went to bed (before 8, yay! she's been staying up way too late recently) i watched the rest of ellen (my fave talk show btw) and then got started on paperwork. there was a huge stack on the table and desk and filing box. so i worked on that an hour or so and by that time i was ready for bed!

i went to bed with a really bad headache but i'm better now and i can't tell you how good it feels to have my home back! it's not perfect by any means but i'm so much happier when everything isn't a mess. maybe now i can at least maintain some order and cleanliness from here on out. assuming my energy level stays up of course.

riley totally noticed what a big difference had been made so that made me feel even better. thanks for being patient sweetie! i hope you didn't think we'd be living like pigs forever! ;)

the funny part is, i called riley and told him i was gonna go to bed unless he was already on his way home. he asked if the dishes and floor were clean (which was weird) so i said yes. he told me if they weren't he was gonna tell me to go ahead and go to bed and he'd do them when he got here because he was feeling generous! isn't that sweet? of course it was already done, so i asked for a raincheck. he said no, but i'm sure he'll get that generous feeling again when i really need it!

more good news today:

i went to walmart and saved $9 by using competitors ads (tom thumb, albertsons... you can also use kroger and a few others). i tried to do this a long time ago but walmart's prices were still lower than the others' ads, except for produce, but at the time, julia was ready to be done by the time i got to the produce section at the end of the trip, so i didn't bother.

anyway, so i started doing it again because walmart's prices started going up a couple months ago. and this way, i can get everybody's best price on the stuff we need. yay! we always tend to overspend on food (albeit mostly from eating out) so i'm pretty excited about saving money this way. keep those ads comin'!


  1. No worries on the mess in your house. I understand your mess in your home because the little one in your tummy. I will need to come by to see your new place sometime soon. You have awesome guy!!!! I wish my guys would come over my place and help me clean. Maybe one day..... You are feeling better we need to go to see the latest girly movie. Be Blessed.

  2. i dont think i ever cleaned my house the first trimester of all three pregancies! lol

  3. well, i was 13 weeks, and some people consider that the end of trimester uno, although i don't fully consider it done until 14. =)