Monday, February 9, 2009

Second trimester!

Yay! The worst is over. That is, until labor hits.

The nausea has subsided quite nicely... I still get a little nauseated from time to time, but a little snack usually fixes that pretty quick. I have more energy, although I'm still having to rest during Julia's naps.

It feels so good to hit the 14 week mark! My weekly prego update email says the baby is now 3.5 inches long, crown to rump. Can you believe that? Wow. 6 months till my due date, craaazyyy!!!

The latest funnies in Julia-ville: A few nights ago, after reading Julia a book, we started to sing her bedtime song and not 2 seconds into it, she jumps off the couch and makes a beeline for her bedroom. It was hilarious. We were like, YES!

Then today, I was changing putting the mattress pad back on Julia's crib after washing it, only to turn around and see her naked, holding her onesie in front of her with the diaper inside. She's outsmarted the snap-crotch! I've seen her get her arms out of the sleeves before, but getting it completely down and off her body was definitely a new thing. To top it off, the diaper was full of poop! So I had to very carefully disassemble the onesie and diaper without getting poop everywhere, and then get Julia wiped up before she got it everywhere! It was an interesting few minutes, to say the least!

Alrighty well the crock pot just beeped (yummy tortilla soup, here I come!) so I better get the bowls and everything out so we can dig in when Riley gets here!

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  1. Very cute. I hope you get well soon. Hang in there.