Monday, July 13, 2009

Burn baby burn!...and if i never see another ant,

it will be TOO SOON!

so, we love our new apartment. i mean, we really like it. location, size, layout, pretty much everything. but we had a huge ant problem.

we moved in about 3 weeks ago and about a week into it, we noticed multitudes of ants. big ones, small ones, you name it.

so of course i reported it to the leasing office and they said they'd send someone out the following tuesday. i think that was on a thursday. geez! julia already had several bites and i was anxious to get rid of the little critters.

so they came and went, and the following night, we came home late from shopping one night and they were all over julia's bed. like, ALL OVER. along the wall, on the sheets, everywhere. so we decided to let her sleep with us that night.

well that was the worst night we've had in a loooong time. she wouldn't go to sleep. it's been hard enough getting her used to being in a new bed, a new apartment, etc. but you'd think she'd eventually crash. riley finally got her to sleep around 5-6am.

needless to say, the office got a talking to from riley. they ended up putting us up in a hotel for 4 nights because the soonest they could get someone out was after 4th of july weekend. so yay, for us, mini-vacation!

well the first night we were in a hotel i'd never heard of, but a nice one. they even had these huge stone tablets out front with the ten commandments. how cool is that?!

julia went to sleep fine (huh?!) but the following morning at breakfast, as i was aiming for the pancakes on my plate, HOT syrup slid down onto my arm. AYCHIHUAHA! i yelled for riley to get it off, and by the time he was able to find a napkin, the skin had already peeled off. ugh.

2 days after

it hurt really bad! i didn't realize how bad it was, riley was asking the manager to call an ambulance and everything. well while we were waiting it started to hurt worse and worse. some waitress came out and put cold mustard on my arm. i don't know, maybe some mexican home remedy. anyway, that really pissed riley off and he took me to the bathroom to rinse it off, then the paramedics came.

they said it was like a sunburn, (hello! i don't think so!) and all they could really do was clean it up and bandage it. and that it would be an expensive trip to the er for the same treatment, but they'd take me if i wanted. well the whole time i'm thinking, who knows if the hotel is gonna pay for all this, so no, i think i can handle it.

well, the manager said he was going to comp our room (which was already being paid for by the apartments) and that he'd pay for whatever we needed to buy to take care of my arm, doctor visits, and give us a free night in a suite. sweet! i'm pretty content with that, although riley is convinced we need to get more money for pain and suffering. so we'll see.

we stayed in a different hotel the 3 nights after that, just because the ants were originally supposed to be taken care of the next day, but weren't. it was so awesome! i mean, not the ant problem, or the burn, but the room we got! it was a poolside cabana for a super good deal. well, super mainly because we're getting reimbursed for it!

so we spent a lot of time in the pool and not-so-hot tub, and julia slept pretty well. we enjoyed our time there but were ready to get back to our hopefully ant-free apartment and finish settling in. mind you, we HAD almost everything unpacked and then they had to move everything around to replace our carpet (actually a good thing, since our feet were turning black every day). so we've been working our butts off trying to get everything in place, and we're almost there, just a few loose ends here and there that need to get tied up. i have a little list, and if we do one or two things a day, we should have it all done in the next couple weeks.

speaking of which, i will probably have josiah early! as in, if he were to come as early as julia did, that's friday of next week! agh!!!!! when that realization hit me, i kind of freaked out. my dr says i'm not dilated yet, but my cervix is getting soft and i will probably follow the same trend i did with julia. so we'll see! now i REALLY need to get everything ready, like pronto!

we have almost everything we need for josiah (you know, minus a 2 year supply of diapers!) but his crib is still full of stuff and we need to get everything in place.

ok, i totally didn't mean for this to be a long blog, i was gonna separate it into more than one entry, (and may still add more updates) but oh well. it seems like everything has kind of been running together lately. cest la vie.

to wrap up... the ants are (mostly) gone, except if you leave a crumb on the floor they all come out in like 5 seconds! but julia still has bites that she won't quit scratching, so the scabs keep bleeding and not healing (some of which are actually mosquitos from july 4th).

my arm is getting much better. the first few days it got worse, but then my dermatologist gave (sold) me some creams that seem to really be helping it heal fast. plus i'm taking zinc which helps.

my belly is getting huge (why does everyone refer to it as a basketball? it feels more like a bowling ball!) and i cry over the littlest things. especially yesterday morning. it was one thing after another. i wasn't sure i'd be able to make it through the day. but of course, my amazing husband encouraged me and gave me great big warm hugs and just showed me the love i needed. you're the best, babe!

35.5 weeks!

julia has been REALLY challenging lately. mostly just not listening to very much of what i say. i know she can hear, she just ignores me. maybe it's because of all the additional hormones running through my veins, or all the changes going on around her, but my patience is worn severely thin. and please don't call it the terrible-twos. i really hate that term. every age has its pros and cons, and i refuse to believe that 2 year olds are just plain worse than other kids. i digress.

ok i better stop now. of course i'll write another blog, just to break it up. =)

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  1. WOW! You've had a lot going on lately! Glad to hear Josiah is on his way, And I agree: I hate the term Terrible-Twos too.
    All my neices and nephews seemed to go through phases at every age, not just the toddler years...