Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink eye and Potty training

so julia has had this yellow gunk and crustiness in her eyes for a few days, but it came and went so i didn't take her to the doctor until this morning. even though it looked a lot better, i wanted to make sure she got it looked at before the weekend. plus with her being around other kids, i didn't want to spread whatever it is around.

well, the doc says it's pink eye (even though they're not really pink) and i have to put drops in her eyes for a week. but she won't be contagious after 24 hours so that's good news! i hope she gets better soon! she keeps slapping her eye saying, "No, booger!" which is kind of funny but sad. poor kid! last night was the worst. but i know she'll get better soon! i just hope riley and i don't get it. so far so good!


today's the first day i've taken her out without a diaper. she has been getting better at telling me when she needs to go potty, like when we're in the grocery store, and we might as well get potty training under way before josiah comes! it'll be much easier if she's completely trained before then. i've kind of been hesitant to take the next step, which is taking her out with just panties (and clothes of course) but she won't learn if i don't. so i just decided this morning to take the plunge. diapers in the bag, check. extra outfit just in case, check. potty before leaving, check. juice in the bag but NOT given to her to drink on the way, definite check!

she made it all the way to einstein bros. bagels (for free bagel friday!), and all the way to the doc's office in arlington without peeing, YAY! not that she's never gone that long before, i was just concerned about having an accident outside of home where it'd be more of a hassle to clean up. she peed in the potty at the doc's office, and made it all the way home without peeing again! yay! we're making progress. i'm trying to be brave, and remind myself that this is totally necessary and i'll be glad i started before josiah comes!

then she pooped like A LOT after we got home. like, it covered the whole bottom of her little potty bowl. you probably don't want to know that (so i'll spare you a picture that i did NOT take), but i'm very pleased that that poop went in the potty and not one of many other places. so, i'm just going to keep taking her to the potty while we're at home, right before we leave, right when we get somewhere, and do my best to stop what i'm doing and find a potty if she needs to go out in public. that's been my only annoyance. we're shopping and she's like, "julia peepee potty!" "mommy find it!" and i'm like, ugh. who knows where it is and i really don't feel like walking across the store, taking you out, taking the diaper off, waiting for you to pee, yadayada, putting you back in, and continuing my shop. but then i realize how selfish that is. if I needed to go pee that bad, i'd stop and go pee! she deserves the same. i just need to bite the bullet and take her instead of leaving her in diapers forever. we'll save money that way too! i would LOVE to only have one child in diapers.

so yay julia! i'm so proud of my big little girl!

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  1. Poor Julia but I hope her eye gets well soon. The joy of the child going to the potty. I wish Julia the best on potty training. Be Blessed.