Sunday, August 2, 2009

First family nights out!

What a fabulous weekend I had! It occurred to me at some point that I've been [somewhat subconsciously] stressed out recently because of what all was on the horizon, with the up and coming birth of our little Josiah, etc. but I realized that we have absolutely nothing major coming up... our son is here, we're all moved in to our new apartment, we both have a couple months off from church commitments, and now we can just enjoy each other as a family and adjust to the addition of our newest member! What a refreshing feeling. I am really excited about this new phase in our life... there are times where I'm scared about handling two children at once, but the fear is subsiding and I know that everything will be okay (even if not everything is always clean and done!) and not only will we survive, but we will thrive!

So Friday night was our first time out as a family of four. We went to Riley's sister's house for a swim party and dinner. It was so much fun! I just relaxed by the pool with Josiah in my lap while Riley played with Julia in their new and improved pool! There were a zillion (okay, like 10) toddlers there and it was crazy fun! I got to take a bunch of pictures while sitting by the pool with Josiah (a nice break from handling a fearless, waterloving Julia) AND it was the first time all 6 cousins were together.

Then Saturday I managed to make it to my friend Caelene's baby shower, with Josiah in tow. He was very well behaved, i.e. slept and nursed the whole time, and it was good to get out and see friends! I'm amazed at how quickly I've recovered from delivery! More about that later, when I actually sit down and blog the whole birth story. That afternoon Libby came over and took some really great pictures of Josiah (she did Julia's newborn pictures at one month)... maybe I can get some of those uploaded soon too. Then we decided we (er, I) needed to get out of the house again! So...

We packed up again (it takes a lot longer now, but we'll get the hang of it soon) and went to Carabba's in Grapevine. Yummy! They had this ball of dough for Julia to play with which was great because it kept her entertained until the food came. Then we went to Baskin Robbins for dessert with my BOGOF coupon, yay! so yummy! Julia fell asleep on the way home, which was great because she didn't take a nap earlier in the day but it was late enough (8pm) that I was pretty confident she would stay asleep all night. Which she did. So we decided with the kids (the kids! I can say that now!) in bed early we'd rent a movie. Even if we fell asleep in the middle of it. After all, since Julia didn't nap, guess who else didn't?! The only decent thing redbox had was 007 Quantum of Solace. Pretty good, especially since we just got to sit and snuggle and relax. Josiah was still a littly fussy after nursing so he snuggled with us for the first part of the movie too!

So I still have a pretty length to-do list but I have to keep reminding myself that I need to sleep whenever I get the chance. Like now, instead of blogging. Will do as soon as I'm done. I promise I might. If I'm not rested, I won't have the energy to get stuff done anyway. It's hard though, because before Josiah was born, Julia's naptime was my get-stuff-done time. Well maybe I can slowly ease back into that once I get a full night's sleep. Whenever that will be!

Ok I better stop. Oh one more thing! Riley had the coolest idea before Josiah was born. Get me new glasses! I get my eyes checked every year to renew my contacts prescription but since I only wear my glasses at home, I haven't bought new ones in like 6 or 7 years. So I can't see a lot through them. Well since having a baby means taking longer in the morning to do anything with myself, he thought it was time to just get some new ones. Well he found this website where they are $8. $8 for glasses! That's just unheard of. My last pair were like 100-200 I think. Anyway, so you just type in your prescription and pick the frames you like. Well, I was a little iffy on it since I'm really picky and couldn't try them on. So Riley had a brilliant idea. Go to a eyeglass store, try a bunch on and when I find a pair I like, write the measurements down and pick a pair online that comes close to the same numbers and looks good in the picture. Risky, but hey, if I don't like them, at least they're the right prescription, were really cheap and I only have to wear them around the house. So, I found some I liked at jc penney, wrote the numbers down, picked some out online, paid $13 with shipping and got me some new glasses in the mail yesterday! Buying glasses on the internet is such a foreign concept to me, but hey, we should be willing to try new thing right?! Well they look pretty good for not having had the opportunity to try on a million pairs, and I can see better through them. Yay! I'll have to get a pic of those too.

Ok, that's really all for now. Until I write my labor and delivery blog. Have a great week everybody! =)

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  1. I am glad you had a chance to Blog again. It is good to hear from you and hear about what has occurred in your first week with the birth of Josiah. I can't believe you got glasses for $13.00. You must be kidding. I have to hear & see your new glasses. This is a very cool story I have to hear from you on Thursday. I'm bring Mexican food coming Thursday from a special restaurant. I don't have time to cook this week it has been a busy one for me. See you Thursday.