Monday, January 24, 2011

Start My Own Business?!

I'm toying around with the idea of opening an Etsy shop or just a Facebook business page that I can sell through. See, I have this obsession with crocheting baby blankets (aside from being generally crafty when the occasional whim hits), and I get really giddy when I find a new yarn that is soft and thick and comes in lots of great colors. I've gotten in the habit of making them for my expectant friends, but they just aren't popping out the little ones fast enough.

I've thought for a while how nice it would be to make a little extra income doing something I love, without having to leave my kids. But, I haven't felt confident enough that there would be much demand for my creations, despite some hints from friends and family that I should do it.

However, I was encouraged by the recent success of my friend Kathryn and her new business, Baby Buttons Designs. She and her mom make the sweetest, most fabulous hats and booties, for all ages!

So, I think it might be time to just give it a whirl! I'll also be looking into donating some to NICU babies, due to a great suggestion from a couple friends.

I do scarves and diaper cakes as well, and am trying to get good at leg warmers, but the main thing will probably be blankets, at least starting out!

It would be really cool to to do a jumpstart giveaway soon too, either through this blog, or maybe on a friend's. So stay tuned for that!

Alright, so what's in a name?!... I need votes and/or suggestions. Here's my list so far of ideas: (some variations that were already taken have been honest but don't laugh!)

Sweet Snuggles
Sweet Little Snuggles
Cozy Little Snuggles
Little Baby Cuddles
Little Baby Snuggles
Little Cuddles
Little Snuggles
Cozy Petite
Cozy and Sweet
Cozy Cuddlebugs
Sweet Cuddlebugs
Cuddly Petite
Pookie Petite

I think I prefer the 2-word names for simplicity sake, but I want something that's catchy and cute without being cheesy.

It will probably take a little while to set everything up, what with samples and pictures and pricing and sizes and colors and kinds of yarn, etc... but I've been analyzing and calculating that lately anyway  so I have a starting point to work with.

Ok friends and family... now it's your turn... opinions? suggestions? advice? words of wisdom/encouragement?


  1. sweet snuggles.
    and GO FOR IT!. what do you have to lose?

  2. thanks liz =) you're absolutely right!

  3. I like Sweet Snuggles, too! -Kristin Mueller

  4. pookie petite! I love it....and I'm really interested to see what crocheted leg warmers look like.

  5. I like Cozy Cuddlebugs. Cute, fresh, different- not plain Jane.

    Ditto on the leg warmers! I would love to see/buy some of those!

  6. thanks lacey and elise!

    this is my leg warmer inspiration--

    i made some for julia that were super cute but one was too tight (didn't measure her leg first) and the other one i couldn't get the cuff connected right. but i will keep trying!

  7. I like Cozy Cuddlebugs also. Good luck!

  8. Cuddlebug is cute! But pooky is personalized. I say go for it!