Monday, January 17, 2011

We were meant to be... =)

Alternate title: 11 weird facts about Riley and me.

(Preface: Riley and I did not meet until 2006)

~ Growing up, his family had a cat named Tux and mine had one named Zedo. Think about it.

~ We say the same thing at the same time to such an extent that it's kind of creepy.

~ When I was 16 I worked at a grocery store with a guy named Brad. At that same time, Brad's sister Crystal was in the choir with Riley at college 3 hours away.

~ We do it almost every night. Snuggle, that is.

~ Someone compared us to Beauty and the Beast one time. It was meant as a compliment.

~ He drives 99% of the time we go anywhere together. We both prefer it that way, for different reasons.

~ We can both sing the ABC's backwards really fast.

~ Our favorite show is The Office, and our favorite movie is the Princess Bride.

~ Wedding facts: We got married on a Monday, 391 days after we met. In his vows, Riley referred to me as the jelly in his triple decker PBJ sandwich. The song for our first dance was "Walk the Line".

~ We usually pick out our own presents, but I'd like that to change.

~ On his birthday this year, we will have been married 1500 days.

Love ya babe! You're the bestestestestest <3

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