Friday, August 28, 2009

5 weeks!

i failed to do regular updates with julia but i would really like to do one every month with josiah! so, since i didn't get to do it monday when he was one month, i'm doing it today. little man is 5 weeks today!

he opens his eyes a lot more now, which is nice. although it seems like whenever he's awake, he's hungry. the boy can EAT! let me tell you. he gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks. most newborns do that in a month. he's probably close to 10 lbs by now. and those of you that have seen julia know that this is very foreign to me! of course i should have expected it, because i committed myself to beefing him up and nursing him as often as he wanted instead of trying to stick him to a schedule. looks like it's working!

i keep waiting for the first real smile, should be coming soon. you know, the one that healthcare professionals don't just chalk up to gas. if i remember correctly, this usually happens around 6 weeks. i think julia's was at 7.

he's still sleeping in the pack-n-play (bassinet attachment) next to my side of the bed. of course i'm using the word sleeping very loosely. sometimes i put him down after a feeding and it seems like 5 minutes later (although it's probably actually an hour or more) he's hungry again. the best night i've had so far (actually this happened twice) is only having to wake up to feed him twice. i can totally live with that. but yes i'm looking forward to more than 3 hours of continual sleep! someday.

getting out and about with both kids has been getting easier. i've started braving the grocery store, which is still challenging so i try to leave the kids with riley when possible. it's nice to get away for a little bit, even if it's just to buy food.

josiah finally got to meet his cousin simeon yesterday! they are only 3 days apart which i think is so cool. i hope they get to be good friends!

ok, so josiah spends most of his day lounging in the boppy. that is, when i'm not changing his diaper or feeding him, with the boppy. i quickly discovered that he is more comfortable there than in the bouncy seat. maybe it's because he knows that underneath the blue blanket, the seat is in reality, pink.

he's managed to survive many big sister attacks, which we're still working on putting an end to! alas, he's sure to be much more tolerant than she is. because, well, he has to. it's not that she doesn't like him, she just tries to pick him up and occasionally thinks it's funny to hit him. i watch the way she carries around her dolls and stuffed animals and just thank God that they're not josiah!

so, before josiah was born, i bought 3 boxes of newborn diapers with a gift card from riley's generous coworkers. that's 252 diapers, which i figured he was sure to go through before getting to the 10 pound limit. well, i guess he's just shaped differently because he outgrew those pretty quickly, before he was even 9 lbs. i ended up taking 2 boxes back and exchanging them for size 2s. Then i started buying size 1s at the hospital because they are stupid cheap. $2.95 for a pack of 20. YEAH!

let's see, so i've covered eating, sleeping, and pooping so i guess that's about it for now!


  1. Ok...

    1) he is ADORABLE! I want to kiss those cheeks!
    2) Have you only used a boppy? My mom has a nursing pillow she is giving me and swears by it...we shall see
    3) What hospital again sells the diapers? Do you think pampers work best?

    I have lots of questions :0)

    You need to post more pics of the kiddos together! Unless it would cause a sister attack...

  2. Your little guy is growing each day. I can't wait to see the lit guy running around like Julia.
    Awesome discount you have received on diapers. That is awesome bargain!!

    Be Blessed

  3. I know this reply is super late, but oh well!

    I have used a "Bosom Buddy" which they sell at Kid to Kid. They're $25, come with a soft minky cover, and are much thicker than Boppy brand pillows, so they can actually elevate your baby as high as you need to nurse.

    You can still get the Pampers for $3/20 in size P, N, and 1 at Texas Health Harris Methodist HEB Hospital in Bedford (off Central and 183). I still buy them to make diaper cakes!