Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The kid's got talent!

Here are a few highlights of the recent acceleration of my baby girl's grown-up-ness:

1- ok, so this is bad news turned good: she broke the cd-rom in our computer. which of course is expensive and we were really bummed! when riley got time to see if he could fix it, turns out the piece that made it fixable was one of her little hairbands. i don't know the details of why that worked, but it did. crazy!

2- yesterday julia broke some chips up while sitting in her highchair and threw/dropped them on the floor. so after she got down and told her she needed to clean them up. well i didn't expect a great result, but still. she needs to know the principle. the broom and dustpan happened to be sitting on the floor close by and before i knew it, the chips were in the trashcan. yes, ladies and gentlemen, my 2-YEAR-OLD swept the floor! there were still a few crumbs but i think it's aMAzing that she was able to get the big pieces into the dustpan with the broom (not one of those little ones, a tall one that requires some height and balance) and make it to the trashcan w/o spilling them all over the floor again. i was so impressed i just glowed and told her how proud of her i was and gave her a treat! maybe i can get her to scrub the bathtub next!

3- i got a box of pizza rolls today for free (because i and the grocery game (plug) are awesome! anyway, so when i was helping julia into her highchair, not that she needs assistance, she's the best climber i know!...she started calling them pizza pillows. at first i didn't get it, but then i realized she is a genius! i had called them pizza rolls several times before that (although this is the first time i've bought them in years) but hey, they really do look like pillows! how smart is she?!

4- this morning, before we left to run errands, i told julia she needed to get dressed... diaper, pants, shirt, shoes. well i'm sitting there nursing josiah, expecting to have to help julia after i'm done. nope. a few minutes later, she comes out dressed in a matching outfit! yes, the shirt and shoes were on backwards but still. i was impressed!

she is growing up so fast! i knew it would feel like this once i had a newborn, but it's even moreso than i expected. julia is so smart and funny! i love watching her discover and learn new things. being a mom is the bestest!

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  1. She is growing up so fast and I can't believe it. It seemed that she was born yesterday. Be Blessed.