Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 17, Standard Process Cleanse

~I opened a bag of chips today, but they weren't for me.

~I buttered a piece of toast today, but it wasn't for me.

~I scooped a handful of cheerios today, but they weren't for me.

~I made a PBJ sandwich today, but it wasn't for me.

~I sorted through halloween candy today, but it wasn't for me.

~I sliced a piece of chocolate cake today, but it wasn't for me (even though it had veggies in it).

~I changed a few diapers today, but they were definitely not for me!

...Here's what I did do today for me:

*Opened a bag of apple chips (warning: when you first taste "Bare Naked" fruit chips you will be unimpressed if you've ever made your own, but then you will go back for more just because you don't have any homemade kind, and then you will be addicted, and then before you know it, you've finished off the whole bag, crumbs and all.)

*Ate pistachios for the first time in what seems like years.

*Made my own bowl of guacamole and thoroughly enjoyed it, and I don't even like avocados.


*Spent some time making fabulous baby gifts.

...And tomorrow, I just might make a batch of cookies that we all can eat!

Dinner tonight was veggies and "fried" chicken at some friends' house for a Saladmaster presentation. Still chewing on everything (well, not the food, the other cookware information and stuff), planning to host a show next Wednesday if any of y'all are interested... If you come we'll get a really cool gift! Basically it is a health and nutrition cooking show, about proper food preparation. The food is delicious (the guy makes everybody dinner and dessert), we had a great time, and nobody has to buy anything!

Of course afterward I started feeling down because of my nasty non-stick cookware. Seems like it kind of defeats the purpose of doing a cleanse. Something must be done to stop welcoming those toxins into all our healthy food ;

Skipping the shakes tonight because we only have enough SP Complete for 2 more, and we'll do those in the morning. Not sure why it didn't last the whole 3 weeks, but hopefully we can get a small container to finish off the cleanse!

Four. More. Days. =)  =)  =) Bring on the cheesy bread and chocolate! The healthy kind, of course.

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