Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 19-20, Standard Process Cleanse

I know you all dearly missed my blog post yesterday, ;) so let me apologize for that up front!

Last night I really should've taken that Gymnema stuff (helps with blood sugar and cravings). I haven't had to take any this whole time but I guess I need to start if I really want to cross that finish line Tuesday morning.

We were headed out for dinner with no idea where to go. First mistake. So as we drove toward our non-dinner destination, we just started pulling up nearby restaurants on our phone. Scrolled through so many temptations, and I settled on Boston Market, thinking we could just get chicken and veggies. Well right before we walked in, Riley vetoed and said that it would be too hard to not get the mac-n-cheese, and I knew I'd want a brownie or something. So, starving, we continued on to Souper!Salad!.

Which was a good idea. Couldn't really have any salad because all the good dressings were filled with prohibited ingredients. I just can't stand oil and vinegar, sorry. But, we both found a real winner: Holiday Harvest soup. We had like 7 bowls between the both of us, not including two other bowls of soup, fruit, etc... It had mushrooms, carrots, leeks, garlic, parsley, wild rice, and I don't remember if anything else. SO.GOOD! I'm gonna try to repeat it at home sometime.

As I was devouring the food, I felt like I was eating my first meal in months. Because on our way there, it was really the time that felt most like we were fasting. I wanted to eat what I wanted to eat. I just couldn't wait for this thing to be over so I could have a freaking chalupa and ice cream. Well, after the soup, I felt happy again (must've been my blood sugar rising, not that there was sugar in the soup... don't ask me)!

So we have today and then tomorrow's the last day. I have no idea what's on the menu, so I better figure that out before we have a repeat of last night's agony.

Friday night we planned to go to Cafe at the Modern, but traffic rerouted us to Genghis Grill. Since the museum is free on Sunday, maybe we'll opt for that today instead. Just not sure how that will go with the kiddos...

Julia had a terrible cough all through the night, although she did sleep through most of it, and is still snuggled up in daddy's arms. Love for all my babies to be resting peacefully! Not sure if we can make it to church though. We'll see.

I went to a baby shower yesterday for my friend Juliana, and I was so looking forward to it that I completely forgot about the fact that I was going to have to resist sweets and other stuff. Well, resist I did although difficult. I did have this drink called wassail, which is apple cider with other fruit juices. So yummy! I ignored the fact that it probably had sugar in it. Sue me!

As we near the end of the cleanse, I keep worrying about what's going to happen afterwards. Like are we gonna totally binge on a ton of sweets and bread and cheese and beef after 3 weeks of denying ourselves? Well, I had a revelation of sorts. Hopefully that won't happen, but even if it did, it won't take long before we scale back to a happy medium. A medium closer to the cleanse diet than the one we were on before this whole thing. That's my goal anyway!

Well, happy time change Sunday! Come back tomorrow for the last day of our journey!

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