Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 18, Standard Process Cleanse

We're off the hook!


Well, just a little bit. See, we ran out of SP Complete (the powdered whole food supplement we mix into our morning and bedtime shakes each day) yesterday. I'm not sure why. Actually the container says it only has 30 servings which should've only lasted us a week. But according to the office, it was supposed to last us the whole 21 days. Not sure about all that, but anyway I called them and they said just don't worry about it the last 3 days, continue taking the other supplements and it won't drastically reduce the effectiveness of the cleanse. Cool!

Although I would've much rather been off the hook to eat a sandwich and a cookie. No such luck! Until Tuesday, that is. Muuuahahahaha!

We actually enjoy the shakes (now that I know which ones are good!) so I'll keep making the morning one with SP Whey Pro to start the day off. For lunch we had leftovers and for dinner went to Genghis Grill. Oh. My. Goodness. I'd never been there before. What a place! It was great. All four bowls =) But boy are my innards working out something fierce! It was also nice to just have an evening out alone with Riley... we got my niece to come over on short notice after Riley got off work early-- double score!

Dreams are already filling our palates for Tuesday's meals. What will we eat after this is all over? The same junk we use to? Not as much. The same stuff we're eating now? Moreso, but other things as well.

Riley and I admitted to each other that we've both had some mixed feelings lately about it being the end of the cleanse. With only 3 days left and not having to do any more shakes, why not just call it quits now? After all, we've had a (mostly) fabulous 18 days...

But NO! We did not come this far just to quit now. If for no other reason, I must finish because I need to show myself that I can finish what I started. See, I'm REALLY bad at fasting. I can't remember the last time I didn't bail on a fast. Well, except the 2 month long no-sweets one we did together this past spring. But that was excluding so much less than this is. Anyway, we've resisted so many temptations thus far, another 3 days will be a piece of cake! At least, we hope so, because we had to pass up a really nice one last night!

Well, I did some research on Saladmaster last night after blogging, and I've concluded that it's ridiculously overpriced, no matter how great it is. We may still do the show just for the free gift and free dinner with people over, but I don't plan on shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars to them when I could get something probably just as good for a fraction of the price. So, those of you who have stainless steel cookware, what kind is it and do you recommend it and why? Anybody have any experience with titanium? SM's stuff is .5% and Riley is interested in looking into similar alternatives. Our plan is to buy some new pots and pans for sure. The old scratched up non-stick cancer-on-my-stove-crap has GOT TO GO ASAP.

It's late, so I'm off to bed... Nite-nite everybody =)

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