Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dear Long Lost Library

Dear Long Lost Library,

I feel guilty. For not taking my daughter to story time until she was 2. For not getting a library card until today.

I'm sorry I didn't return the turtle books from 2004 on time. It's weird that the library I live by has information from Burleson. I really don't remember borrowing them. The fee was only $3.75 so I didn't want to argue with the nice cute librarian girl.

I promise to come more often. Thanks for being free. I'm sure I'll save lots of money on books and movies now. I'm sorry I forgot you existed. I think Julia and Josiah both will learn to love you. She really enjoyed picking out a book about Prancer, Clifford, and Corduroy, and the Dora and Toy Story DVDs. I'm glad I looked at the ones she grabbed before checking them out, or we would've come home with a Ramadan book. I can't believe we'll be able to check out 50 items after this. That seems really crazy. Does anybody really do that? I mean, I guess if you have 3 weeks to return them it's possible. But I could never carry that many things with my munchkins in tow.

I love the kiddie section at the Keller Branch. Y'all did great on making that one so cute and welcoming. It's hard to believe how comfortable I felt with stepping away to the counter while Julia stayed there exploring. But she loves books so it was cool. We won't be able to come to storytime every Wednesday but it will be a nice treat whenever we have to miss bible study. Maybe we can find a good time at another branch.

See you soon!


  1. We're that "50 item" family. I take a really big bag and stroller to carry the load. :)

  2. whittney- wow, that's impressive! i'm sure julia would have no problem picking out 50 things, but we might have to gradually work up to it ;)