Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 15, Standard Process Cleanse

Guess what? I have a non-boring full-of-photos blog, starting...


This is what I used to snack on a lot and keep wanting to reach for, but I can't. So they're lasting a lot longer now that the kids are the only ones eating them.

This is what I wish there were more of but we finished the bag off last night.

This is what i came thisclose to eating a handful of today, but carefully put them back down. Why? They're covered in sugar.

This is what I wish would stop being advertised on TV for a while.

This is what I've been munching on all day.

This is what I am aching to eat come next Tuesday!

And now for the usual:

I went to the SmoothieKing website to get some shake ideas, and I'm really excited to try some of them out, starting as soon as I'm done typing this post!

We have a beet left in the fridge that I'm needing to come up with a recipe for. The thought "beet hash browns" popped in my head yesterday so I'm totally going to Google it and see what might happen in the kitchen.

Made my original recipe guacamole tonight to go with sweet potato chips, except this time instead of mashing I just stuck everything in the Ninja. Turned out super creamy and I loved it! Even better than before. Riley prefers it chunky though. Guess I'll have to start making separate batches ;)

My tex-mex chicken soup turned out pretty good, using the stock I made. Although I'm looking forward to when I can add cheese and organic blue corn chips again!

Six more days! IthinkicanithinkicanithinkicanIKNOWWECAN!

Anybody got any good tilapia recipes? I'll be making it for the first time ever.

Didn't vote today. Woah, put your stones down! Next time I'm hoping to actually do some serious research into each candidate's voting record so I can make a well-informed decision before November sneaks up on me. My main thing is that they are genuinely going to do things that promote the unborn's right to life, and I'm just not convinced anymore that a straight (R) ticket is the same thing. Ok, enough politics.

I can't stand this cold weather. Got put together a better winter wardrobe if I'm gonna survive the next few months without getting snippy. The good news is, I've got some great soups to make me feel all warm inside!

Alrighty y'all, time to go shake it up!

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  1. saw a tilapia post from the crockpot list recently. haven't tried it yet and dunno about 'cleanse-friendly' but here 'tis:

    Even people who aren't crazy about fish will like this recipe. It calls for cheese, mayonaise and lemon juice---a trifecta that can't be beat.

    Tilapia is a mild, flaky white fish that is a wonderful starting point for beginning fish eaters. Cooking fish in foil packets is a great way to seal in the natural moisture of the fish and get the flavors infused into every bite.

    Ha! I sound like I know what I'm talking about.

    Anyhow, foil = good fish. And foil + fish + crockpot = a real, live
    American family eating fish without being bribed, and that makes a very happy mom.

    The Ingredients:

    -- 3 or 4 filets of Tilapia (or other favorite white fish)
    --1/4 cup mayonnaise

    --1/2 cup shredded cheese (I used cheddar. I've made it before with
    Parmesan and it was amazing. If I was planning a trip to the store specifically to get ingredients for this dish I would pick Parmesan.)
    --juice of 2 lemons
    --4 chopped garlic cloves
    --pinch each of salt and black pepper

    The Directions:

    --mix all ingredients (except for the fish -- definitely not the fish) in a bowl
    --lay out a piece of foil
    --rub sauce mixture on both sides of fish
    --fold foil over and make a little packet for the fish
    --put all the packets into the crockpot
    --cook on LOW for 2-4 hours; fish should flake easily with a fork

    PLEASE take care when taking the packet out of the crockpot and when
    opening it. It will be hot.