Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 10, Standard Process Cleanse

I really need to get some new pictures on here, don't I?! Don't worry, you're not the only one sick of seeing the 2 photos above. In fact, this is what I see in my kitchen every day. Produce and whole food supplements. All. Day. Long.

Ok, so last night's brown rice/lentil soup wasn't exactly in the top 3 dishes of the cleanse thus far, but it was good and my parents liked it enough! I may have even convinced them to go on the cleanse ;) The sweet potato/ apple/ pear "casserole" was really good too. Riley was pretty bummed that he couldn't have any cupcakes because of the eggs in them, but I'm wondering if he's allowed to have them after day 10 (ooh, that's today!)... so I'll have to ask Dr. Jim Bob.

The guacamole turned out reeeeally good, I am not a fan of avocados but my recipe is pretty tasty if I do say so myself. And it's safe to assume that my taste buds are changing because it tasted even better than it usually does! I think I'm also acquiring a taste for coconutty things (oil, flour, milk) because it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. Not that I'm running out to buy a whole coconut and bite into it. I'm just glad that I'm not completely grossed out by something that is SO healthy!

I made myself go to bed "early" last night. And by early, I mean before midnight. Usually what happens is I'm all showered and PJ'ed and ready for bed and then I "check my email" one last time before hitting the sack and before you know it 2 hours has gone by. I'm sure many of you can identify! But anyway, I got a decent night's sleep and thankfully this whole time it has been that way most nights. This morning I woke up to Julia asleep next to me, not even realizing she had climbed into our bed in the middle of the night. Sweet girl!

No idea what I'm making for dinner yet, but I have a few ideas. Pretty soon I'll probably just start repeating some of our favorites for the last half of the cleanse. Speaking of favorites, I finally made an original shake recipe that is actually REALLY yummy! Drumroll please...

Joanna's Yet-to-be-named Smoothie

(serves 1-2 people depending on how big a glass you like)

1.5 c strawberries (we used frozen but fresh is probably fine too)
1 banana
juice from 4 key limes
small handful of fresh spinach (optional, but practically tasteless so you might as well throw it in for extra nutrition)
2 T flax oil (optional)
our powdered cleanse supplements (SP Complete, SP Whey Pro)
1/2-3/4 c water (depending on whether or not you include the spinach and how thick you like it)

The key limes really give the typical strawberry banana shake a nice refreshing zing w/o being too tart. Delicious! It was so good that last night after I had drank mine and washed dishes, I accidentally took a sip of Riley's (he was putting Julia to bed upstairs) and then before swallowing realized oops! So I ever so carefully released it from my mouth back into his glass *shh, don't tell him* It was then that I realized I had truly made something great. So, we had it again this morning! It's really pretty too, with little pink and green specks!

We don't have a scale so we don't know if our weight's changed. Hopefully I haven't lost any, I'd actually like to gain 5-10 lbs (don't hate). Riley probably has, I guess he can find out next chiro visit. Today is supposed to be his last day without meat but from the sound of it, he might not even want to add it back in yet. Guess we'll find out tomorrow! I stocked up on more chicken, and got some salmon and tilapia too. Which means I need some good tilapia recipes from y'all since I've never even tasted it, much less cooked it.

It goes without saying (except I'm going to say it anyway) that my grocery trips have been more frequent the last 10 days, but I get a really good feeling when I get to the cashier and almost all of what I pull out of my cart onto that conveyer belt is fresh vegetables and fruit. Makes me feel healthier just knowing all that's gonna be working it's way through my system very soon! Reminds me of Michael Pollan's famous quote, "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Well, that's what we've been doing lately, there's no doubt about it.

Alright I'm starting to feel like I'm reaching for stuff to write, so I'll go utilize Josiah's naptime in more relaxing ways! Be sure to leave me some comment love =)

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