Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 3, Standard Process Cleanse

So, I've heard this is the hardest day of the cleanse. Well, if that's true, then it's smooth sailing from here on out! I'm feeling good (although my poor dear Riley has had bad headaches, hopefully they'll go away soon!) and haven't had any really bad cravings. Yes, it's a little challenging to resist some things but I'm not tempted to quit like I usually am while fasting. I guess this is a little easier than just not eating food. Maybe because my husband and I are doing it together. Maybe because I'm blogging every day. Maybe because I am enjoying some new, different meals. Or it could be due to the basket of laundry that's STILL on the couch. Wait, what?

So last night we had... um... oh yeah. Brown rice, rosemary chicken tenders (for me and the kids), roasted asparagus, and a buttery garlicky steamed cauliflower/sauteed red onion concoction I threw together. Sorry I don't have pictures. It's enough that I'm just sitting here writing. If you get bored reading my photo-less blog updates, then follow me on Facebook where it's easier to upload pix and comment on various interesting moments throughout the cleanse!

I've decided I need to stick with shake recipes and not try to create my own. Last night's mango raspberry avocado blend was not that great. In fact, I couldn't even finish it. I'll give it to Julia later, she loves just about everything if it's in smoothie form! (I'll have to stir in the supplements I rarely but really need to give her).

Printed out some more recipes from the blogs of Mommypotamus and Dr. Cindy, which I'm really looking forward to. I wish I had had more than 24 hours notice before we started this thing, so I could've spent the time actually planning out every meal and shopping lists for groceries to last 4-5 days at a time. Maybe then I wouldn't be going to the grocery store every 3 out of 4 days. Who am I kidding, I would've gotten all anal about it and taken forever and gotten burnt out before we even started! It's going good so far, I'm just having to plan a lot short notice. Oh well, we're all eating healthier!

My house is suffering though. I think I'll just ignore the fact that the vacuuming and mopping and bathrooms are getting neglected, hire somebody to come maybe a week from now to clean. Laundry is piling up and toys are everywhere, I haven't made the bed in three days (I usually make it every day!) but hey, things are improving in our pipes and organs right?! (haha! i just made that up. aren't i punny?)

Speaking of pipes, last night at church was awesome. We had a special guest from Bethel Church along with a team of students from their school of ministry. He spoke a lot of truths that I'm hoping will sink in deep and take root in my heart! He also talked about laughing at the lies of the devil. He gave a few examples and just said, "Let's just laugh at that!" So we did. And we just kept going and going and then we all spoke out some of our own lies that we've been believing and laughed at those with eachother. By the end we were all really rolling (me literally on the floor, no joke!) and it was so freeing and fun and NOT the kind of church laughter that everybody sees as a show. He was not conjuring up anything weird or false. It was awesome! Then he said something about laughter is good medicine and we were cleansing our spiritual pipes! Riley and I looked at eachother like, wow! Cleansing in more ways than one =)

Ok sorry to get slightly off track. This morning's peach pie smoothie was delish, and I had enough to share with the kiddos. I made some veggie chips and baba ganoush (pureed eggplant, similar to hummus) that will be enjoyed soon enough, and tonight will be brown rice pasta with pesto sauce. Or I might put that off and make something else. Lots of  new yummy meals on the horizon! Good thing Riley has been helping with the dishes because it's a bear! Especially since our dishwasher has been doing a really crappy job lately... everything by hand for now. Perfect timing huh?!

Got a bunch more produce and other ingredients for recipes that I was missing, at Central Market, and Josiah and I had such a great time. He kept pulling me in for kisses and I was tickling him and we were just so lost in eachother. We're in love! It was like a sweet little makeout session. Sorry, that's the best way to put it. You mommas know what I'm talking about.

Alright well I should go do some cleaning. Ha. Haha!

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