Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 9, Standard Process Cleanse

Well, here we are at day 9, still going strong! Never mind that I was up till 2 am after a late night of fall festivities, spending what seemed like an eternity getting Josiah to sleep, making shakes, washing dishes, reading half a chapter for Bible study, etc...

Good thing I got to sleep till almost 830 this morning! That rarely happens.

I forgot to mention yesterday how nice it was to have a clean house! Special thanks to Brooke Sailer for coming to help! Living in an orderly place makes such a difference. I look forward to finding the balance between keeping it that way and doing all the other important things in life =) ahh, someday.

Ok-- so, cleanse. Let's see, last night's dinner was Dr. Cindy's spaghetti squash. It was my first time to eat such a thing, and now I know why they call it that! I wish I had known though, how hard it was going to be to cut that blasted thing open! It took me like half an hour, no joke. I started to panic because I was making no progress and was on a time crunch and didn't want to have to come up with something else to make. All that turned into brute force! I was not going to let this plant beat me. So, cut in half it became after seven knives, sawing and stabbing pulling apart and Julia cheering me on with encouraging remarks like "you're getting really good at that!" Not the cleanest break but oh well. It did look kind of like spaghetti, but tasted crunchier. The best part is that Josiah actually devoured it! Haha! I finally fooled him. He can be very picky when it comes to veggies. Seaweed is the only one that comes to mind that he will really eat. But I guess that's one of the best so I can't complain!

Gateway's fall festival was fun, but I wish we had arrived earlier. We managed to limit Julia's candy intake to very little, so that makes me glad! She got to ride a rainbow pony and they even had little games for Josiah to play... woohoo!

Once again I failed to create an original shake recipe that was really great. It was way too tart! Which says a lot because I've always really liked sour candy. Raspberries, Strawberries, peaches, mango, and coconut milk. It didn't taste bad, I just couldn't finish it. So, into the fridge it went, then for this morning's shake I just added a banana and the powder supplements. So much better!

I haven't heard yet how it turned out, but Riley planned to go to PeiWei for lunch today. Hopefully he found something cleanse-friendly and delicious! I'd like to try out Spiral Diner sometime during the cleanse, because I've heard they have lots of stuff that's allowed.

My thumb is still sore from the mandoline incident, but said appliance is still my new best friend for this cleanse! I'm slicing practically everything with it =)

My dad and MamaB are coming over for dinner and the Rangers World Series game tonight! So excited. It will be nice to visit and eat together. Hopefully the lentil and brown rice soup I have planned will turn out yummy! If not, I also have sweet potato chips and will make some guac to go with that, and some leftover cleanse cupcakes that are delicious!

I've been having egg withdrawals because the farm I usually get them from has been out lately every time I call. So I had to go elsewhere. Hopefully the ones I got will be just as good. I haven't had any in a week and I just couldn't wait any longer! So yay, eggs for breakfast to go along with the morning shake tomorrow (well, just for me)!

Two more days till Riley can have chicken and fish. Although he said last night that he's not sure he even wants to add it back in yet. Yeah, you read that right.

Yesterday I made pear chips that turned out sooo good! Cinnamon on top... I could smell them dehydrating from upstairs. Yummy! They didn't last long at all. Will have to make more. Ooh, that reminds me, I'm also making sweet potato apple pear casserole for tonight. Should be good. Really simple. Slice 'em all up, layer 'em in a pan, stick 'em in the oven. Voila!

Seems like there's more I wanted to share, but it's all escaping me right now. Plus Josiah just woke up from his nap so time to feed him and head to good 'ol Sprouts!

See y'all tomorrow! Thanks for keeping up with me through this, it's been great knowing I have a support system out there and I think writing updates each day has made it that much better of an experience. I'm hoping to post a bunch of the successful recipes at the end so you can try them out and enjoy for yourself!

P.S. I could literally smell the Starburst as soon as Julia handed the little funsize packages for me to hold after winning a game at the festival. Took me back to my candy-craze days. I resisted. I overcame. I am superwoman! Ok, maybe not. But in that moment, I felt strong =)

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