Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 6, Standard Process Cleanse

Temptation abounds. Abounds everywhere. Everywhere there is temptation.

From super-healthy but off-limits-during-the-cleanse snacks at a birthday party yesterday afternoon to the gazillion restaurants we passed last night on our date, to the free pizza at a going away party after church today (which we "had" to look at for 2 hours while congregating and also feed to our children), we are having to be really strong to resist all the yumminess that is out there.

It's pretty much out of the question, so the temptation ends there. I know that eating something I'm not supposed to would totally ruin the purpose of the cleanse, and I know that when it's over we'll be glad we did it and I can eat whatever I want, should I so choose (although I have a feeling that I will still restrain myself from certain edible food-like substances).

Riley has had it harder because he can't have any meat at all until Friday. The salad I packed for us to eat while everyone else was devouring the pizza, was not really doing it for him. At least I had bits of chicken to make each bite more palatable. I really need to get a hold of a tasty salad dressing. This oil and vinegar stuff just doesn't float my boat.

On the upside, last night's dinner was DEE-LICIOUS! Crockpot lentil/veggie stew. Multiple bowls were ingested and I will definitely be making it again before this thing is over!

We realized last night how little there is to do on a date when your diet is restricted to a few select things. We were like, what do we do now? We can't go have a drink at a bar, we can't go have dessert anywhere, we can't go to a restaurant for an evening appetizer. A lot of places were closed, we didn't want to stay out late enough to watch a movie because we already left the house pretty late and had an early morning... it was pretty sad. But, we got some alone time together and that's what really matters! I look forward to going out for a nice meal though after the 9th!

I keep thinking about all the foods I'm going to be able to enjoy once this is over. But then on the other hand I'm like, so, you're gonna get your body all cleaned up and then just fill it right back up with junk? That's stupid. So, while I plan on eating things that are off limits right now, I still look forward to eating other healthy things that just aren't allowed on the cleanse. Like really good beef, cheese, bread and not-so-bad-for-you sweets. *sigh* 15 more days!

It's kind of funny, people keep asking us about what we're doing and when we tell them I get the feeling they think we're kind of nuts. Like, why do you want/need to do THAT?! I hope they can gather the fact that everybody needs a good detox every once in a while. And I would say that while we're not food nazis, we probably eat healthier than most Americans. But that doesn't mean that our bodies are functioning 100% the way they're supposed to. I totally get that it can't do what it's supposed to if we don't supply it with the proper fuel. While I don't always like to say no to that delicious-looking, hydrogenated-oil, corn-syrup, food-dye-filled treat in the bakery section, I KNOW that it's not going to make me feel good in the long run. What I'm doing these 3 weeks WILL make me feel good while I'm doing it, and will benefit me in the future too if I keep on the right track! Ok I feel like I'm rambling/preaching now so I'll stop.

Besides, I think I hear some trouble a brewin' downstairs.


  1. Jo, That is cool that you & Riley are doing this for yourselves to be healthy. Everyone has their views of what is healthy to them but you guys are doing something different than most folks are doing to get healthy. Drinking water, eating yogurt or sandwich if possible in my crazy schedule. I found it impossible to eat healthy with the schedule have. Hamburger and salad was on my lunch menu today and later is Hilton employee food. (With lots of calories)I do my effort to make lunch and eat a salad each day at my first job. Food has a lot to do with how our bodies function on daily bases being at home or on the run. Maybe, sometime we talk later on how your cleanse process helped you guys. Have a good Sunday. Be Blessed.

  2. Hey, girl! 1. i'm uper proud of you! 2. i'd LOVE that lentil recipe....if you get a spare minute! :)