Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 7, Standard Process Cleanse

Woohoo! We're a third of the way there... well, at least we will be at midnight ;)

I wish I had more pictures than just that food and supplement duo, sorry. I know it would be much more exciting for y'all to read this. Oh well!

So yesterday was really overwhelming. After I posted the day 6 blog, I kind of had a meltdown over the phone with Riley. The day just hadn't gone as I'd hoped in terms of time we were going to be where and it ended up that we hardly got to see eachother all day. The kids wreaked havoc all over the downstairs half of the house while I tried to make dinner, the hand blender wasn't working and I really needed it to for the soup to turn out the consistency I wanted, messes everywhere and Julia not responding to instructions very well, Riley's gonna be late, Riley's gonna be later, will I always have to choose between an orderly place to live and good food? And on and on.

It's a good thing dinner was really tasty.

Dr. Cindy's squash apple soup was a hit! Riley kept going back for seconds and thirds and maybe even fourths... we both had it for lunch today and there's still some left. I hate it when there's a bunch of leftovers of a dish that was a dud. Not the case here, thankfully! The butternut squash was a real bear to peel though. Oh my goodness! I feel like a pioneer woman... washing all the dishes by hand because our dishwasher sucks right now, cooking everything from scratch, churning butter. Ok, just kidding on that last one. But still, I'm reminded of the Proverbs 31 woman: "Her arms are strong for her tasks." Well, that's because her tasks are such a workout! Gym, Schmym, all I gotta do for exercise is spend half the day in the kitchen and half the day chasing my kiddos around. ;)

During dinner I looked at Riley and said, "This whole time you've eaten everything I've served you, and I really appreciate it." He responded lovingly, "You've served me everything I've eaten this whole time, and I really appreciate it." We hugged and kissed, and I think I teared up a little. I felt like we grew closer as a couple in exactly that moment. Who knew that vegetables could bring improvements in the marriage department?!

So, some people say the first three days are the hardest, in our case it was the 4th, some say once you get past the first week it's easy... I guess we'll find out tomorrow! The supplements change on day 8, so Riley will be done with 21 of his daily capsules, but we add in 10 of a different kind for both of us. Nice for him, not so fun for me. I can swallow a pill, I just don't like having to do that many. I'll get over it I guess.

I'm happy for Riley that he'll finally get to have chicken with me on Friday! I don't know if I could've made it this whole time without animal protein, so I really admire him for hanging in there. I already know what I'm gonna make (a repeat of something I made a few weeks ago that he loved)! I also need to get some fish and learn how to make it. The only kind I've ever cooked is salmon, which we like, but it's probably important that we have more of a variety. Riley suggested tilapia, and I had halibut once in a restaurant but have no idea how expensive it is or how to prepare it. Any advice?

I've discovered that coconut milk really makes our shakes so much better. I've never cared much for the taste of coconut, but it's so good for you, and it adds a wonderful creamy texture. I'm trying to replace some of the butter and olive oil that I'm used to using (although they are good too, and much better than vegetable oil or margarine) with coconut oil. Perhaps it's an acquired taste.

The house is looking better, after Riley's big dose of help last night! And my sister-in-law/friend Brooke is coming over later to clean with me some more... woohoo! Today is a new day and things are looking up =)

Tonight will be a new Asian dish, and I've got sweet potato chips dehydrating as we speak, so I need to go make some guacamole to go with it! See you tomorrow!

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