Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 11, Standard Process Cleanse

[Insert really mouth-watering photo of 
roasted chicken fresh 
out of the oven]

I really wanted to give you something different to look at, but iPhoto is being dumb right now. Or maybe it's just me. Probably the latter. Oh well, I'm tired.

Sorry for the late post-- I was so busy all day with, well, you know... being in my pajamas all morning, not doing the dishes, coloring with Julia, running up and down the stairs, hanging things to dry because there's a mysterious black something in my dryer and I don't want to ruin another load of laundry, doing the dishes, planning dinner... the usual ;)

But alas here we are at the middle of the cleanse, 50% there, halfway to the finish line! Yes, I hail from the department of redundancy department.

Anyway, meat day! I think I have been more excited about this than Riley. Not sure why, it's not like I'm getting anything new, well except for variety maybe. Maybe I just felt like I was getting back into familiar territory after learning the hard way that just making vegetables does NOT make my life any simpler in the kitchen.

Well, dinner was rather anti-climactic. I made a beautiful roasted chicken with rosemary, garlic, thyme, lemon, etc... but for some reason it just took forever to get to 165. So everything else (sweet potatoes, asparagus) was done at different times and after Riley ate his stomach started feeling bad. Either too much olive oil or his body was just not responding well to meat after going 10 days without it! Hopefully things will improve.

I'm planning to find more shake recipes-- not that I don't have any good ones, I have a lot! I just love trying new things and I know there's gotta be more out there. After all, we have 20 more to go before this cleanse is over!

Wow, I totally forgot to eat any nuts today, and I'm allowed to now! I did have to resist some marshmallows I saw in the cabinet while getting some dried cranberries that I really need to stay away from because I'm starting to eat too many! Guess it's become my candy substitute ;)

Ahh, we have a really busy weekend ahead! Typing out our itinerary would just be exhausting, so I'll save the highlights for after we find out what they turn out to be =)

Ok, so some of my goals for this cleanse have been: Form better eating habits, as in, more vegetables, less sweets. So far I've been really successful, because DUH, it's forced upon me. But I know one thing I'll be taking from all this is a lot of really delicious ways to incorporate healthy veggies into our diet. Plus knowing how great I feel when I eat healthy, versus how crappy I feel when I eat, well, crap. If I can just remember that every time I'm tempted by that sweet piece of poison, life will be good.

I was so excited about having scrambled eggs this morning for breakfast after the farm being out for so many days and resorting to buying them elsewhere. Bad call. Apparently I've been totally spoiled and the ones I got just didn't add up. So, back to Homestead I'll be going. I wish I could just get a standing order of 4 dozen eggs every other week!

I really need to get some more stuff a dehydratin' in the Nesco, but we've got so much going on the next two days I'm just not sure there will be time. It will be enough of an accomplishment just to plan our meals right so we can avoid Taco Bueno while we're out and about ;)

Alright I must be going... will try to still blog over the weekend to keep you updated! Happy Friday night everybody!

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