Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 4, Standard Process Cleanse

I won't lie, I'm already starting to get sick of drinking shakes twice a day. That's not good. Because while I can vary the flavor, and I can make lots of different food dishes, a shake is pretty much the same consistency. Maybe I just haven't found the right combination yet... Not that they're disgusting. But I need one that will just blow me away and make me want to drink it for the rest of the cleanse. So, I'll keep trying!

I confessed that to Riley this morning, because I was already starting to feel it last night. He said something like "But it's good for you." Yeah, ok. Sure. But then he added this great revelation he got... "Why do we eat food?" To which I replied, because it tastes good and it nourishes our body. Then he said, "God gave us food to create dependency in us. We have to have food for our bodies to function the way he designed them to. We look to him to supply this need 3+ times a day. At the last supper Jesus took the bread and said "Every time you eat this, remember me" So how can you be sick of it? God gave it to you." I'm paraphrasing, but it was a good word. It seemed to come so natural to him too, so that was refreshing and I'm thankful that we're walking through this together.

He was able to leave at 745 this morning since I just sent him with a bunch of leftovers for lunch. I'll probably do that every few days just to give me a break from extensive morning prep! Looking forward to lunch and dinner today though, and an eventful weekend!

Yesterday for lunch I had sweet potato chips, kale chips, and leftover chicken and rice. I also tested the baba ganoush that I had made, but the recipe said to chill it in the fridge. I realized later at dinner that I definitely prefer it warm!

For dinner we also had mushy red lentils, beet & zuchinni chips, brown rice rotini with basil pesto (yummy!). I need to go put some chicken breasts in the crockpot for later!

So this is the first morning in a long time that I've had some time to myself! Lately I've been up early but the kids have been up before Riley's left for work so it's nice to get a break from "hit-the-ground-running" style days. And of course, now I hear Josiah waking up. Off I go. Looks like Julia's up too =) I love my babies!!!

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